As the name suggests, this secton of TD focuses on advertising. Of course, with turtles, one way or another. We divided ads into fifteen collective notes, the title of each should quite well reflects what ads are discussed.

Advertising: Automotive | Comcast | TurtleWax | Television | Banking | Toys 1 | Toys 2 | Drinks | Beer
Telecommunications | Food | Tortuguita | Wonderful Pistachios | Turtles | Sours
Electronics | Places | Social | Miscellaneous 1 | Miscellaneous 2 | Miscellaneous 3 | Music

Advertisements related to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pokemon we did not add to TurtleDex, assuming that especially in the case of Ninja Turtles, there would be too many of these ads to describe, and naturally, if something is an advertisement of a TMNT toy, it is for sure have some turtle elements.

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