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Bill and Karolyn Slowskys are a turtle family created by Comcast (later renamed Xfinity), they appeared in a large number of ads. Later their descendant also appeared, simply called the junior. Their basic trait is love for slowness (i.e. typicall turtle trait, according to stereotypes), most advertisements are based on contrast, they prefer slow solutions and ADSL internet, advertised Comcast/Xfinity internet is something that Bill does not like, because it is a fast service. Junior did not share his father’s views.

001 – They introduce themselves and praise how much ADSL internet is cooler than Comcast, because it is much slower, which they prefer.

002 – They are in the cinema, Bill complains about the cinema because he preferred downloading movies, it added excitement, because he had a slow connection.

003 – They founded the Slow Party, but they slowly gathering support, because even their car is slow.

004 – The heroes are at a bus stop – when she reads, that Comcast doubles everyone’s speed for free, he faint (i.e. turned over to his back).

005 – He talks to someone (service) on the phone, but is not satisfied when he is connected with a consultant, because he prefers to listen to the music that is usually played by various hotlines during waiting than to receive information.

006 – Bill wants a carriage ride – because when everyone goes to Comcast, slow attractions are not very popular, so there is no crowds.

007 – Bill, wanting the internet was slower, took the laptop outside the house as much as the cable allowed, but the connection didn’t slow down.

008 – Apart from the parents, there is also a descendant, he pronounces his first word, of course it is “SLOW”, to the father’s delight.

009 – Bill and his wife have opened a diner, Kevin, an employee, complains about internet speed, much to Bill’s annoyance, of course.

010 – In the diner, Kevin brings up the topic of changing the internet to faster again, but Bill does not want to listen to him, he even says, that he is busy because he is downloading something and he does not have time to talk (intended irony, if he changed the internet connection, he would have time to talk).

011 – They play hide and seek – Bill counted to three thousand, but she didn’t manage to hide anyway.

012 – In bed, they talk about the fact that Comcast provides high-speed internet wherever the customer lives, and the ADSL connection they use is quite the opposite (but of course Bill is happy that they have slow internet).

013 – Bill, walking very slowly on the treadmill, says “Feel the burn”.

014 – The first appearance of a junior, they announce his name, but both says different one, because the e-mails they sent to each other did reach addressee (i.e. by implication, this is to show the unreliability of their internet, if they used the advertised one, such things would not happen).

015 – Focused on the junior, he praises Xfinity’s services (which, of course, do not suit Bill).

016 – In the car, the junior couldn’t sleep, so they took him for a spin. The young one is shown in the car seat.

017 – The young one has fallen over, so his parents wait for him to cry, which of course takes a while.

018 – Parents talk to the junior’s nanny, who complains about their slow internet (it also comes out, that Karolyn is over 100 years old).

019 – Junior uses the F-word, which is fast (which is here the equivalent of the typical F-word, the most popular swear), Bill is curious how he knows such words at all, and recolls all the situations when he was nervous and lost the temper.

020 – They received an invitation via snail mail to a party celebrating the year 2000. The son comments that it was 20 years ago.

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