The trivia section contains a lot of various information. It is of course not a cross-sectional description of given topics, but only a few words.

We have divided the collected curiosities into nine subcategories:
Turtles – general interesting facts about real turtles.
Fauna and Flora – interesting facts about fauna and flora related to turtles.
Slang – linguistic trivia.
Vehicles – trivia about various vehicles, including cars, planes, trains, etc.
Mythology – various turtles trivia from different mythologies.
Miscellaneous – Trivia that doesn’t fit into any other category.

Osobno wyróżniliśmy trzy rodzaje Żółwiej Symboliki:
Associated with countries and regions – as in the name.
Associated with sport – as in the name.
Miscellaneous – the remaining trivia related to the symbolism and not fitting in the aboves.

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