Famous turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (incl. Slash, Venus and Jennika)
These turtles, the basic four, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael and Donatello are definitely among the most famous turtle characters – they have a comic book origin, but over the years they have broken away from it quite strongly, and they function as heroes of comics, animated series and (mainy live action) cinema films – it depends who you ask. In addition to the aforementioned four, the live action series also featured the turtle, Venus, and in various versions of the turtle world, Slash also appears, a mutant turtle, large and usually wilder. There is also Jennika in comic series by IDW. It’s hard to talk about the existence of one, canonical explanation of the origin of the turtles – these can be highly variable.
There is no shortage of turtles in the world of Pokemon – starting with the first series of the games, where one of the starters (pokemon that the player could choose at start) was a turtle, Squirtle! With the evolution, this resulted in three turtles at the very beginning. Later, as new regions were “discovered”, the number of turtles increased. Of course, you could see them everywhere, in games, manga, anime, and everything else that has been created around Pokemon over the years.
A huge turtle, in the style of the well-known Godzilla. It is also derived from Japanese films, with twelve officially movies grouped in three “series” (with the last series having only one film). There were also a few mangas and a comic with Gamera, and a guest appearance “here and there”.
Franklin and his family.
The “Canadian” turtle, createdby Paulette Bourgeois (a Canadian) who wrote a huge number of books with him, in which, apart from him, there are his parents and little sister. In addition to the books, there are also two animated tv-series about Franklin, one in a more classic animation style and the other in typical CGI
World Turtle
This “figure” is essentially semi-mythical, according to old beliefs the whole world was to rest on its shell, or its shell was to be the world itself. This vision was later the subject of many references. Probably the best known is A’Tuin, which has its own note.
A huge turtle (Chelys galactica) from Discworld series, with four elephants resting on its shell on which the disk itself rests. It mainly appears in T. Pratchett’s books about the Discworld, usually only at the level of “what a disk looks like” decription. Obviously, it also appears in works inspired by the series, comics, movies etc..
The Turtle master from the Kung Fu Panda trilogy – he invented Kung Fu himself! In addition to the movies, he also appears in the tv-series and in the general merchandise from this franchise.
This turtle is the protagonist of the series about The Swan Princess. He has appeared in all of the series’ movies, playing a minor or major role, but he was always present.
Turtles from Mario/.
As part of the Mario universe, there is the Koopa turtle race, which appears in the mass of works from this universe (including, above all, games, of course). They are quite differentiated, and the best-known varieties are probably Bowser and Koopa Troopa.
Crush and Squirt.
Two turtles from “Finding Nemo” and the sequel, “Finding Dory“. The older of them, Crush, apart from the two films mentioned, is also an important element of the attractions of various Disneylands.
Mock Turtle
A character from the “Alice in Wonderland” book that probably everyone has heard of. Over the years since its premiere, this story has been adapted in many many ways in probably every possible medium. In many of this adaptatnions, “Mock turtle” have some role.
Roshi is a very important character from the Dragon Ball universe, an iconic fighting technique of this series, “Kame Hame Ha” was invented by him. He wears a turtle shell on his back, and is friend with a real turtle (anthropomorphic, he also appears in many episodes and has a lot of dialogues). Manga and anime heroes (and side products, of course).
The Tortoise (and The Hare)
A character from Aesop’s fairy tale, also quite widely known. Over the years there was maaaany interpretations and references, “The Tortoise” is quite a popular character whose traces can be found everywhere, from books to comics to movies, tv-series, commercials and whatever comes to mind.
Toby Tortoise
Toby Tortoise is one of the two most famous incarnations of the turtle from the mentioned above “the Tortoise and the Hare”, he appears in Disney cartoons.
Cecil Turtle
Cecil Turtle is the second of the most famous incarnations of the turtle from the “The Tortoise and the Hare”, he appears in Looney Tunes cartoons.
Verne is a turtle, one of the three main characters of the comic strip “Over the Hedge” and the things that derived from this series.
Bert the Turtle
The protagonist of the instructional film “Duck and Cover” showing how to behave in the face of a nuclear explosion – Bert gained some popularity.
Lonesome George
Considered the last of the Chelonoidis abingdonii tortoises (also known as the “Pinta giant tortoise”), which has gained him some popularity and media recognition. He died in 2012.
Official mascot of the University of Maryland. This Diamondback terrapin is ubiquitous in the symbolism associated with this college, on campus, sports teams and so on.
Yertle the Turtle
The hero of the “Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories”, quite popular book, he also appears (is referenced) in many places.
Touche Turtle
The protagonist of the series “Touché Turtle and Dum Dum”, he also has a few other appearances.
One of the heroes of the series “Rocko’s Modern World”, he also has a few other appearances, in media related to this series.
Kappa is a creature found in Japanese folklore, a demonic creature that often has turtle features (mainly a characteristic shell) in his appearance.
Little Turtle
A Miami Indian chief, named after the turtle.
Testudo formation
It is not a literal turtle, it is “only by name”, a turtle called military formation. It appears in various places (movies, series, comics, books) so we decided that it is something that can be included in the list of “famous turtles”
Aeschylus is not the name of a turtle, but a philosopher who, according to historical “sources” (not necessarily considered authentic), was killed by a turtle, or more precisely, by an eagle who wanted to smash the turtle’s shell against a stone, but hit Aeschylus. This theme reappeared “here and there”, hence its presence on this list.
Turtles all the way down
The relatively popular concept, that the earth rests on a turtle, and that turtle rests on another turtle, and so on, forever.
Achilles and the Tortoise
One of the paradoxes of Zeno of Elea uses the turtle as an example to show that Achilles will never be able to catch up with him.
Flintstones Universe
Turtles are ubiquitous in the world of Flintstones, both living animals and their shells.
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