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001 Channel 4 – Mating Season
An advertisement for a program/series of programs, “Mating Season” on channel 4. 100% turtle – it is about a turtle looking for love, because his/her companion died – a lot of very diversed scenes.

002 Canal+ adds emotion – Turtle (dodaje emocji – Żółw)
The heroes watch how in the pet store an employee threw food at the turtle and it slowly goes to eat. Observers experience it very emotionally, which is followed by the voice of the narrator, stating that let’s face it, everyday life does not provide such emotions, but sport in the canal+, yes.

003 TCN (TeleCable Nacional)
Children watch turtles – what, according to advertising, is a boring activity (contrary to what advertised cable TV can offer).

A turtle is shown being offered a choice between regular cable and the advertised product. There is also an overview shot where you can see a picture of a turtle, in a frame on a wall.

005 Play dla Domu
We are stretching the issue of turtleness of this ad a bit – an episode of the series Friends is playing in the background, specifically “The One with the Holiday Armadillo” episode which we have described in the database. In this episode, one of the characters is disguised as an armadillo, but is mistakenly referred to as a turtle several times.

006 France 3
Advertisement for the third French TV channel, with a turtle riding on his shell on a ramp.

007 Cable TV NCT
A Japanese advertisement for a cable company offering television, telephone and internet. A cartoon turtle appears on the screen, and there is also a hare, which is probably a reference to their race, but the ad is in Japanese so we don’t understand the details.

008Great Big Story
An advertisement for Great Big Story, a company that produces mini-documentaries and publishes them online to watch. The example document is about saving sea turtles.

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