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001 Adventure Aquarium
An advertisement filled with turtles, about a new turtle exhibition/exposition (Journey of Survival) that can be found in the advertised place.

002 Newport Aquarium’s
Another aquarium ad, this time a different one, but this one also shows a lot of turtles.

003 LAIR in L.A. Zoo
Advertisement for the LAIR (Living Amphibians, Invertebrates, Reptiles) complex located at the Los Angeles Zoo. Two radiated turtles are shown for a moment, and the LAIR logo itself also have a small turtle element.

004 The Greene Turtle
Advertisement for a place with a turtle name, there are no real turtles, but there is a lot of turtle symbolism.

005 The Greene Turtle
An advertisement for a place with a turtle name, the same as above. There are no real turtles, but there is some turtle symbolism.

006 Turtle Leaf Cafe
Advertisement for a cafe with a turtle name – you can see a turtle symbol on the board in front of the restaurant.

007 Turtle Back Zoo
Advertisement for Turtle Back Zoo, located in New Jersey, USA. The turtles appear only in the form of part of the Zoo logo (the letters O are stylized as turtles).

008 Atlantis
An advertisement for one of the islands in the Bahamas, there is one turtle scene, a girl watches a newly hatched tiny turtle.

009 Amelia Island
An advertisement of an island near Florida. The turtle element is a turtle wandering around the golf course, seen in one shot.

010 Cayman Islands Department of Tourism
Advertising of the Cayman Islands. The whole is show from the sea turtle’s point of view, from the camera placed behind the turtle’s head, on his shell.

010 Princess Cruises
Cruise advertising, sea turtles are shown, diving with them is one of the attractions that can be experienced during such a luxurious cruise.

011 Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Advertisement in the message is identical to the above one, diving with sea turtles is shown as an attraction of the cruises – only the advertised cruise itself is different.

012 SeaWorld Aquatica
In this advertisement there is one scene with the sea turtle being released back into the natural environment.

013 SeaWorld Aquatica
Similar advertisement as above, also releasing turtles into the water, an adult turtle is also shown.

014 SeaWorld Aquatica
Generally, this ad shows the same turtle scenes as above, except for one – so we count if as a different ad.

015 South Carolina Aquarium
The advertisement focuses on the advertised facility’s activity, which is the rescue and treatment of sea turtles.

016 St. Petersburg Visitors Bureau
Advertisement promoting St. Petersburg, in quite eclectic company you can see sea turtles “swimming”, twice.

017 The Hawaiian Islands
An ad praising Hawaii, in one scene you can see sea turtles swimming underwater.

018 The Hawaiian Islands
Another advertisement praising Hawaii, in one scene you can see sea turtles swimming underwater.

019 Florida’s Paradise Coast
An advertisement for the coast of Florida, in one scene you can see a sea turtle.

020 Acquario di Genova
In this ad, the sea turtle appears at the beginning for a short time.

021 Air New Zealand
An advertisement for Air New Zealand, encouraging people to visit New Zealand, based on a the tortoise and the hare theme, the two cyclists are wearing appropriate outfits.

022 Baha Mar
Advertisement for the place, a short shot shows swimming sea turtle .

023 Martin County
An advertisement encouraging people to discover Martin County, Florida. The logo of this place features a turtle.

024 Wildlife Rescue Miracles in Conservation
Turtles appear in this ad in the form of real animals and in the form of the turtle in the logo.

025 National Geographic Expeditions
An advertisement promoting expeditions to the Galápagos organized by National Geographic. A sea turtle appears, as well as the famous giant tortoises from these islands.

026 Walt Disney World
An advertisement for attractions that can be found in DisneyWorld, real sea turtles are shown, and Squirt is also visible.

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