Crash & Squirt

Crush and Squirt are two named turtles, appearing (with many others turtles in the background) in two movies with the adventures of Nemo (and his companion, Dory). This two films are:
2003 – Finding Nemo)
2016 – Finding Dory)

In addition, these turtles appearalso in other films:
The Pixar Story – a document about the Pixar studio, shown of course in the context of the “Finding Nemo” production
Toy Story 3 – Here Squirt-looking turtle appears in the form of an Easter Egg, a partially visible sticker on the door of the human protagonist room.
Laggies – a turtle is shown which one of the characters’ mother bought because she was delighted with Crush, Squirt and turtles in general in Finding Nemo.

It also appears in one TV-Series note:
Behind the scenes at Pixar where elements with these turtles are showed in several episodes, there is also a Funko POP figure.

In addition, we have one comic described – Darkwing Duck in which in one of the frames you can see a turtle that evokes strong associations with Crush.

It is worth mentioning that in Disneyland there are attractions related to Crush – one day we will probably also describe them in some form.

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