Welcome to a very turtle corner of the internet!

TurtleDex is a website/place that collects various information about turtles, with a strong emphasis on how they are shown in various works of culture – at the moment we have a lot of notes about Movies, TV Series, Short Films, Books, Comics, Commercials, Video Games, Paintings, Sculptures and music. Ultimately, there will also be other types of work in which turtles appear, for example, music (also music videos).

In addition to listing the specific types of sources, we also have articles in the database focusing on specific turtle characters/ideas (and appeared in more than one position), collected here. You also shouldn’t miss the trivia section, which also has a lot of interesting information.

And what we count as a “turtle” element we describe here.

Turtledex is more like a kind of encyclopedia, a database about turtles in culture (just like the PokeDex (from which we take idea for a name) is a database about Pokemon in their universe), not a news service, so the main page is static and the monthly summary reports about new things in TurtleDex can be found here.

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