Art – Paintings

As in other types of creativity, also in painting there are many artists who have devoted a certain dose of attention to turtles.

In the database we have collected rather older works, not modern ones, without detailed notes about the creators (only basic information, i.e. personal details, country of origin, years of life), the works themselves with titles, and of course you can see what is on them. You can easily google more information about artists if you want more information.

We divided our collection into four notes, divided by the origin of their authors, collected into groups, we tried to make the notes with similar size.
We have: French and Dutch | Belgians, Flemish and Spaniards | Italians | Americans, English, Austrians, Czechs, Indians, Germans, South Africans, Hungarians

A separate category of painting are murals, which we also collect in the database. We have divided the notes about them geographically, into three categories: Europe | USA | Rest of the world

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