In this section we have collected various short films we found and in which a turtle appears in some form. And what exactly are short films? First, a quote from site: A broad category of films defined by their short running time in comparison with that of the feature film. For the purposes of the ‘Animated Short Film’ and ‘Live Action Short Film’ categories in the Academy Awards, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defines a short film as forty minutes or less. At the Venice Film Festival, the limit set in entries in the short film category is thirty minutes or less.

As you can see, the short film is not clearly defined – 5, 7 or 10 minute film/animation is unquestionably considered by everyone as short, but with longer things, it is not so obvious For the purposes of TurtleDex, at the moment, we assumed 30 minutes as the maximum duration qualifying movie as “short”.

We divided the notes into thirteen categories, according to several different criteria, such as production studio, turtle character, genre (i.e. live action/documentary), etc. In the lists below you can immediately see the notes with pictures and desriptions. There is also an option to see full list of all short films, broken down by years and with links to full notes.
Cecil – one of the most famous named turtles, so although all animations with him come from the Warner Bros studio described below, he got his own note.
Warner Bros – producer of the Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes animations series
Toby – Similarly to the Cecil, he is a well-known turtle, he was animated by Disney, we described their works the note below, but he got his own note.
Disney – producer-tycoon on the animation market, created series such as Silly Symphonies, animations about Pluto, Mickey Mouse and many others.
Betty Boops, Flip the Frog, Strawberry Shortcake – Unusual , in one note we collected three “types” of animations, each of the three mentioned characters has 2-3 films (with a turtle element). Instead of making notes for 2-3 entries, we decided to describe them collectively.
Related to cinema films – Short films that are usually a small spin-ofss for a large animated film, like Kung Fu Panda, Toy Story etc.
Noveltoons – A series of animations produced for Paramount Pictures.
Live action – Everything with live people on screen (but not documentary, these are below).
Documentary – The name says it all. Mostly with real people, but there is also one animated.
Walter Lantz – Animations created by Walter Lantz.
Popeye – Animations in which the common element is Popeye the sailor appearing as the main character.
Various Tortoise and the Hare – Various shorts (mostly animated, but not all) telling the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.
Other animation – Various animations not falling under any of the groups above.

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