What we count as a “turtle” element?

Turtle Dex collects knowledge about turtles in (pop) culture, understanding this term very broadly.

Some things are rather obvious – positions where turtles appear, whether as real animals or in anthropomorphic versions such as Ninja Turtles or Squirtle (turtle Pokemon) are the absolute foundation around which Turtle Dex is built.

But this is only the beginning – because we also collect almost all other things that have a turtle element. Sometimes it can be a small element, a turtle figurine (including, of course, Ninja turtles or Pokemon turtles), a poster or another form of a picture with a turtle.

Sometimes it’s a mention of a turtle in dialogue, when it is literally summoning the pet but also terms like “turn turtle”.

We also describes positions where the turtle is part of a geographical name, such as Turtle Bay (as in World War Z) or Turtle Pond (as in Bee movie.

We describe even he positions when there is a character whose name or nickname is Turtle! And movies/series in which the music of a band with a turtle name appears (at the moment, only The Turtles) – even if the name of band is not mentioned.

But there are exceptions, not everything with “turtle” in the name is described. We do not include cases where Turtle Dove is mentioned, considering that it is not about turtles – we also do not count the biblical quote “And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land”, where part “dove” is omitted, but it is too about the bird, not the turtle

Of course, there are individual situations in which such a mention is included in TD, e.g. in the movie “The Voice of the Turtle” the above biblical quote is mentioned and the heroine is surprised because she thought that turtles had no voice, which we of course count as a regular turtle mention. In the book “River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life” the author mentions the addition of the English word “dove” here, which we also count as related to TD, because it is about turtles, not just bird.

Another case is, of course, when someone takes this name literally and turns turtle dove into a turtle-dove, as was the case, for example, in one of the episodes of the series Family Guy (S11E08 – Jesus Mary and Joseph) where TurtleDoves are mentioned, but the screen shows birds with turtle shells.

Similarly for TurtleNeck, this is the term for a type of clothing. When we only talk about it in a clothing context, we don’t include it in TD. Unless there is some reference to turtles, as in The Simpsons where when Mr. Burns mentions Turtle Necks in his song , and it is shown that he has a vest made of turtle, or in Community where there is a quote about one character convincing the second that “Turtle necks” are made from real turtle necks.

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