Family Guy

Title: Family Guy
Year: 1999-ongoing
English dubbing: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis, Mike Henry, John Viener, Danny Smith, Patrick Warburton, Ralph Garman, Alec Sulkin
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: We found turtle elements in 10 episodes of Family Guy. Except for one (and in it, the second appearance is a cameo), all apperances are unique.

S02E17 – He’s Too Sexy for His Fat – The turtle appears in the form of a swimming ring that the main child character uses when he is on the pool. This item is also mentioned in the dialogues.

– Jump in honey. Don’t be afraid, the turtle will keep you safe!
– Oh for god’s sake, I’m to intrust my life to a turtle, natures ‘D’ student?

S04E12 – The Perfect Castaway – The turtle appears in one scene, the adult main character boasts that he captured the turtle and named it Terence. And then he killed him and made an ashtray out of it.

– No, but I caught this turtle. Named him Terence. Then killed him, and hollowed him out into an ashtray for Stewie.

S07E16 – Peter’s Progress – In this episode, the turtle appears as two verbal mentions. First, Alan Rickman on the answering machine says he has to remember the turtle joke at the party. The second appearance is in an incompletely defined nutritional context.

– Remember that turtle joke for the party.

– Oh, it’s quite good. I’m also enjoyin ‘the turtled hen. Isn’t the turtled hen good?

S08E12 – Extra Large Medium – Turtle appears in the form of a verbal mention and visualization. One of the characters uses the comparison “like a snail on the back of a turtle”, such a combination is shown immediately, the turtle is stereotypically walking slowly, but the snail still demands to slow down, because he want to reach the place alive.

– Like a snail on the back of a turtle.

S11E06 – Lois Comes Out of Her Shell – The main child character finds a turtle named Sheldon in the park. It is quite a murderous turtle, because it tries to kill the “owner” and other family members. As such, it appears in a large number of scenes throughout the film – and finally “dies” defeated by… Mario. Of course, there are also dialogues referring to the turtle.

– Yeah, she makes my turtlehead go in, too.

– What is that? Is that a turtle?
– Yes, Brian. I found him at the park. I named him Sheldon.

Come on, Stewie. He’s just a little turtle. He can’t hurt you.

I jump on a turtle, Stewie. It’s not an exciting life, but it’s my life.

S11E08 – Jesus Mary and Joseph – In this episode, turtles appears in form of a gift of Turtle Doves. Normally it’s just a name of a normal bird, but in the episode it’s they have a form that can be described as “doves in a turtle’s shell”.
S13E09 – This Little Piggy – The turtle is summoned in the comparison, the character says she is tired of living in a little box like some claustrophobic turtle. It is also visualized by a turtle which is in front of an alligator, so it is a threat, and it hides from it, but it immediately sticks its head out of the shell, because it is also afraid of being insides.

– I’m tSourcef living my life in a tiny little box, like some sort of claustrophobic turtle.

S13E18 – Take My Wife – The turtle only appears in the dialogue, specifically, it is said that Randy Jackson is just a big sea turtle.

– Randy Jackson was just a big sea turtle, we heard.

S15E01 – The Boys in the Band – Turtles appear in double form in this episode. One is the “Turtlenecks” band. The second appearance is a turtle being held by a person appearing on a child’s birthday party – he also has a snake and a spider.
S19E07 – Wild Wild West – Sheldon from S11E06 have Cameo, he (or another identical turtle) can be spotted at the end of the episode as the heroes sing together and various animals join them.

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