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Here we explain what actually Viewing method in pages with tv series descriptions actually means.

In the case of films, the matter is simple, after all, they last 90-120 minutes, things longer than three hours are really rare – so we watch the entire films and ALL the films that are on the pages of Turtle Dex have been watched by us in full. Similarly, we read the whole books and if there is something in the TD, it means that we have read the whole thing.

It is different with serials – if i know that turtles are present only in 10 out of 140 episodes, I just don’t want to waste time watching them all.

Simply put, we have three main methods:
Viewing method: Whole series – Quite obvious, I/We watched all the seasons and the note was based on the whole – i.e. if the note states that turtle elements were in 7 out of 20 episodes, then for 99.9%, the rest 13 episodes was turtleless.
Viewing method: Selected episodes – I saw only selected episodes (how did I know which ones, we describe in this text), i.e. using the example above, if I describe turtle elements present in 7 out of 20 episodes, it does not mean that there are no turtle elements in the remaining 13. There is probably nothing big, but little things that pass under our radar can happen.
Viewing method: Other – Sometimes it may happen that we enter something other than above, because e.g. we watched 3 whole seasons of a series that has more of them (the best chance for such something is in the case of series that are still coming out). Then the description is rather unambiguous, just “first 2 seasons” or something similar.

In comic terms, the matter is rather clear and results from the text of the note, so we did not link here every time and we did not explain it again in each note. In general, comic book notes can be divided into:
Notes about named turtle characters – Within them, we usually describe all the comics in which they appeared and which we were able to determine
Notes about nameless turtle characters in comic books/comic book series – Basically similar to above, only about characters that don’t have their names, which is why we refer to them mainly by the title of the series in which they appeared.
Notes about comic strips – It is about a specific comic book form, in most cases, we show as many turtle stripes as we can find in a given series – it does not necessarily mean that we have found all of them.
Notes about turtles in the comics of the selected author – At the moment, a single case focusing on Don Rosa’s comics, part of Disney’s “universe of ducks” .
Notes outlining the topic – A case of comic book notes that we know is much more than we show, but we only outline the topic in general. Mostly the Ninja Turtles, of course, but also comic strips like Over the Hedge, Sherman’s Lagoon and B.C..

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