Turtles are popular in virtually every field of human artistic activity – so naturally, they could not be missing in sculptures.

For the sake of clarity, we have divided the sculptures into two main types, ie fountain sculptures (which also includes any “merely-ornamental” turtles that are part of a fountain, not just those that “squirt water” personally) and “normal” sculptures. For even more clarity, we have also divided these notes geographically.
Fountains: North and South America | Africa, Asia, Australia | Europe
Sculptures: Europe | Africa, Asia, Australia | North and South America | USA

In addition, we also have in our database bigger form, turtles shaped – buildings. Of course, it could be argued whether these are still sculptures, but here they probably fit best.

The above-described objects are located all over the world, in China “and around” you can find, however, two types of turtle sculptures characteristic only for this region. The first are Bixi, i.e. turtle-like (turtle shell-likeness is minimum, sometimes the head is also turtle-like) bases for the stelae. The second case areturtle-shaped graves, appearing in the single “version”, as well as tombs in which entire generations are buried for years.

Importantly, the sculptures shown should be treated primarily in encyclopedic categories, not necessarily as a guide for visiting – most of the objects shown are probably still in the places described, but this is not something that we have verified for each of the described cases.

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