About TurtleDex Network

Turtle Dex Network is a fancy name for a couple of websites and projects created under a common banner.

The basic website is Turtledex.com, where you are reading these words – with information about turtles in broadly understood culture and pop culture. It is the only one that is bilingual, available in Polish and English.

The second website I created is Virtual Turtle (mainly!) Museum! – where I collected all the turtle-related items I own. Available in English.

The third point of this triangle is youtube channel – also only in English, of course it is about turtles, a look at their occurrence in culture and from the point of view of a collector of turtle-related items.

There is, of course, also Instagram but this is less important part.

Editorial staff:
Turtle Dex started as a one-man turtle operation… and in some ways it still is. But at the same time, no.

The maker, creator, admin, CEO, you name it, is XYuriTT. Most of the knowledge gathered in TD is his work. I mean, my work.

It is impossible to overrate Monika‘s contribution to the Turtle Dex Network – she is not only a unique personality, but also a muse, a source of inspiration, and XYuri‘s inseparable right hand and left elbow. Her role in the project remains important and is an invaluable driving force for the Turtle Dex Network!

Apart from these two, TD also receives notes based on information from people from the Inner Circle (listed alphabetically):

In addition, some other people also contribute to TD, but in the form of tips that I personally confirmed – when information from the above five I post only based on their informations.

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