Title: Community
Year: 2009-2015
Actors: Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Ken Jeong, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jim Rash, Donald Glover, Chevy Chase, Richard Erdman
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: Community is an American series that has six seasons. We found the turtle elements in the following nine episodes:

S01E16 – Communication Studies – The Turtle is mentioned in this episode in a dialogue over the phone. One of the characters says that another made a “turtle face”, one of the listeners says that the face is actually funny.

– I’m sorry. Abed just made a turtle face.
– In his defense, Abed’s turtle face is really funny.

S01E22 – The Art of Discourse – In one dialogue, various comedic characters are mentioned in their series – Cliff Clavin of Cheers, George Costanza of Seinfield and, the reason we mention it, Turtle from Entourage.

We’ve lost our Cliff Clavin. Our George Costanza. Our Turtle.

S02E03 – The Psychology of Letting Go – This episode features a figure turtle mockup about an oil spill. A Chinese turtle is also mentioned in an undefined sense.

– Did you guys hear about that turtle in china? Two packs a day

S02E06 – Epidemiology – One of the characters disguises himself as a dinosaur, T-Rex, but is mistaken for a Dragon Turtle.

– Dragon turtle?
– T. Rex. Man, I wonder how much effort you put into being accidentally handsome for a costume every year.
– Only half the effort you’ll be putting into eating and drinking. Let me help you, dragon turtle.

S02E07 – Aerodynamics of Gender – At the very end of the episode, the character of Star-Burns appears, holding a turtle, they talk about this reptile.

– Star-Burns joins us with his pet turtle, Shelly. Now, I understand Shelly can eat over five mice a day.
– That’s impressive.
– Turtles don’t eat mice.
– What do they eat?
– I don’t know. Pellets? I have no idea.
– That’s disappointing.
– That’s not good.
– What is going on? I was studying for my econ midterm. You guys walk in, hand me this turtle and tell me to smile for the folks at home.

– This thing give you sarmonella

S02E17 – Intro to Political Science – One character says he’s not the hard-working bee type, rather a silverback gorilla with lion claws, shark teeth and the quiet dignity of a turtle.

– I’m sorry, Annie. I’m not the worker bee type. I’m more of a silverback gorilla with the claws of a lion, the teeth of a shark, and quiet dignity of a tortoise.

S03E03 – Competitive Ecology – In this episode the turtle is mentioned in several dialogues and is also clearly visible on the screen many times.

– While he was spying, I found a turtle.

– And before you all go putting Todd down last, don’t forget he comes with a turtle.

– Noooo! The turtle is in there!

S03E11 – Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts – One character tells another that she once convinced someone that turtlenecks (a type of clothing) are made of real turtles’ necks.

– You once convinced Troy that turtlenecks were made of turtles’ necks.
– It’s true, my superpower is that I can assume any position that suits my purpose. In that example … Keeping turtlenecks as an option for myself, down the road.

S04E01 – History 101 – There is a sign “do not feed the turtles” by the pond fountain, suggesting that there are some turtles living in it. In the fountain itself you cannot see the real turtles, there is only a green turtle figurine.

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