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Advertisements for Japanese sweets produced by Sours. They have a lot of turtles in the advertisements, turtles are also present on the packaging.

001 Sours
A Japanese sweets ad, a turtle character chasing someone to give them the advertised sweets.

002 Sours
Another advertisement, this time a turtle-person speaks to the kids and runs with them.

003 Sours
Again, the turtle character is chasing someone to give them the advertised sweetness.

004 Sours
The leitmotif is a cuckoo clock, but instead of a cuckoo you can see a turtle.

005 Sours
Two turtle characters appear in this ad.

006 Sours
Again, an advertisement with two turtle characters, in an underwater scenery.

007 Sours
Advertisement with one running/chasing turtle, the action takes place in an underground car park.

008 Sours
The theme is some kind of a show.

009 Sours
The action takes place in the gym.

010 Sours
An advertisement with two turtle characters, with a Power Rangers style fighter.

011 Sours
Commercial with two turtle characters and many ordinary people, all of them dancing.

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