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A collection of “Wonderful Pistachios” advertisements, the characteristic of which is that they are without shells. The two primary advertising slogans are “Ditch the Shells” and “who needs shells?”. For this reason, the advertisements feature a turtle named Sheldon, who finds such a slogan offensive.
001 Wonderful Pistachios
The first of the advertisements described by us, in a typical scheme in which Sheldon meets two employees-representatives of the advertised company. One of them claims to “speak turtle” and starts talking very slowly, much to the annoyance of Sheldon who attacks him.

002 Wonderful Pistachios
The company’s representatives are dressed as a bee and a fireman, because two new flavor variants are advertised, honey and chili.

003 Wonderful Pistachios
The employees are dressed as football players and present Sheldon with ideas for new slogans, but he doesn’t like any of them.

004 Wonderful Pistachios
Different format, Sheldon organized a meeting at the store, with the other turtles, to raise awareness of the slogan’s offensiveness, but their efforts fail miserably, people thinks that they are advertising pistachios, not stand against them.

005 Wonderful Pistachios
Again, different format, Sheldon called a press conference to present his point of view.

006 Wonderful Pistachios
Typical format, promoting the “sea salt and vinegar” and “barbecue” flavor variants.

007 Wonderful Pistachios
Typical format, two employes are dressed in turtle shells, to give the impression that they understood Sheldon, but they burst out laughing when asked if they back off the offensive slogan and product.

008 Wonderful Pistachios
Standard commercial with Sheldon, they ask him why he’s only protesting now, after a year – to which he explains how long it took him to get to their office.

009 Wonderful Pistachios
One of the employees tries to calm down annoyed Sheldon, but Sheldon throws pistachios at him, from a bowl.

010 Wonderful Pistachios
Sheldon provocatively tells the guys to “ditch the shells” themselves as they are so smart, and they actually start undressing, much to the horror of the turtle, who was only joking.

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