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001 FedEx
Variation on the the Tortoise and the Hare theme – the girl who is the heroine of the ad has two stuffed animals, a turtle and a hare, but during the trip with their parents, the turtle is forgotten in the hotel/motel room. But the cleaning person notices him and sends it via the advertised company to the address of the last tenants – thanks to which the sad girl is happy again, when, after returning, she finds a package with a plush toy.

002 Google Cloud
In this advertisement, there is a scene with a pooch riding a turtle for a moment.

003 Marshalltown
Advertising of a company dealing with tools for working with concrete – this is a serious topic, so the screen is divided into two parts and on one of them there is something calmer, a turtle racing with hair (joke based of similariry of words hair and hare).

004 Maxwell House
Coffee advertising – real turtle is carried by kids, in a toy tipper .

005 Northern Trust
Advertising of the trust fund, its important element are sea turtles – if a person using the services of the advertised company wants to swim with them, the advertisement claims that it can be achieved, thanks to that fund.

006 Skylanders Giants
Advertising of the game (electronic, but with a strong collector’s aspect regarding real figurines) in which the attacking figurine plays a key role.

007 Take Me Fishing
Advertising of a website offering fishing knowledge and services. A turtle is visible in it for a short moment.

008 University of Maryland Football
Advertising of the University of Maryland team – and since this team has a very turtle symbolism, you can see it in advertising for a while, a turtle and the slogan “Fear the Turtle”.

009 Walmart
An advertisement for Walmart, the turtle is seen in two scenes, transported in a trailer of a children’s tractor and on the hood of a car.

010 Tortuga
An advertisement of a turtle gadget for a mobile phone. There are no real turtles, only the turtle-shaped thing is visible.

011 Selectour
Advertising of a website where you can find cheap air connections, books hotel rooms and other such things. 100% turtle, he is going on vacation (with suitcases on its back), talks to the sea horse (in French, so we don’t know what exactly, it is probably related to the advertised service in some way).

012 Codere
An ad for a gambling company – most of it is a scene with a man dressed as a cowboy sitting on a turtle, who is a regular turtle but has a human head. With help of google translate in translating subtitles, the message of the advertisement is that nobody watches TV anymore, so they can show anything (like this quite strange advertisement), and they invite you to bet in the advertised place.

013 Allegro (Papaya Young Directors 2016 contest)
Advertising, although in a less literal sense – it was created as part of a competition for young directors, not as a commercial product for a specific order. A little bit in the form of a curiosity, after all it is completely turtle, throughout the ad, two turtles talk to each other.

014 Dr. Fixit
Advertisement for water/humidity proofing, in which you can see a creature with a turtle shell and legs, but a human head.

015 Frogger
Advertisement of the game Frogger, in addition to the frog, on the screen you can see a turtle sitting next to him.

016 Frogger
Advertisement for the game Frogger, among the many animals at the party you can see a turtle, in the scenes depicting the game itself you can also see a turtle.

017 Homebase
Advertisement of a shop with various materials necessary in garden work. The main role is played by a turtle named Gary, when no one is watching, he is very fast.

018 Avocado Green Mattress
Turtles appear on the lampshade of a bedside lamp in this ad, also a swimming real sea turtle is shown .

019 Liber T
Advertising of the automatic motorway toll system. The car with the inscription Tortue (turtle) goes slowly, but it enters the highway faster anyway, because it skips the queue at the toll booths.

020 Avanti West Coast
Train advertisement, 100 percent turtle, shelled reptile is shown on roller skates.

021 Disney Publishing Worldwide
A swimming sea turtle is shown.

022 CDW
Advertisement for CDW, a supplier of technological products and services. Among the many animals visible in the office, you can also see a turtle.

023 Phexxi
Advertisement for contraception, in which you can see a turtle riding on a cleaning robot.

024 Pier 1
In this advertisement you can see a plate with the image of a turtle.

025 Greinplast
Advertisement of the Greinplast company, they have turtle in their logo – this symbol can be seen in many shots in the advertisement.

026 Greinplast
Advertisement of the Greinplast company, they have turtle in their logo – this symbol can be seen in many shots in the advertisement.

027 LinkedIn
In one shot you can see a turtle.

028 Allegro
In the room of the boy who is writing a letter to Santa, you can see a stuffed turtle (green).

029 Casper
An advertisement for mattresses, a cartoon turtle appears in it.

030 Casper
Another mattress commercial, this time a real turtle appears.

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