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A collection of advertisements for sweets called “Turtles”.

One of the ads for a sweet called Turtles, this one is from 1984, you can see the packaging (with a turtle on it).

Another ad for Turtles sweetness, a turtle visible on the packaging and at the end (in the packaging version), in front of it.

A sweet advertisement, this time human-sized elegant turtles are shown.

004 Turtles
The main character in the advertisement is a new employee and he brought the advertised sweets, which of course caused very positive reactions in the office.

005 Turtles
Everyone in the church is waiting for the absent Bride, but she does not arrive because she prefers to eat advertised chocolates.

006 Turtles
Advertising in the climate of the battlefield, the action takes place inside the command tent. There are three characters of turtles/people dressed as turtles.

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