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001 Nokia
Advertising of the SWAP option (possibility of switching between SIM cards) in Nokia phones. The turtle held by the protagonist changes into various things whenever it is shaken.

002 Nikon Coolpix
The turtle performs a dance in front of the protagonist and asks if he makes an impression, which he confirms. But he does mean his Nikon’s options, not the show, shocking the turtle with it.

003 Nikon Coolpix S3100
Among the various scenes shown in the advertisement, there is also “Turtle Express” – a cat carried by a turtle.

004 Office24
This advertisement shows a turtlerabbit, a fusion of two animals, fast and able to hide into the shell. The object of the advertisement is a phone with a camera, i.e. a combination of two things into one, which has positive features of both.

005 Sony Discman
Discman advertisement, especially the fact that it is equipped with an anti-shock system. What was visualized in such a way that the turtle found this Discman and probably considered him a turtle, because he tried to reproduce with him, which generate tremors.

006 Motorola
An advertisement for a new Motorola model that is so attractive that even a turtle likes it (…in a sexual sense).

007 HP
An advertisement for HP laptops, with the animated characters of the movie Over the Hedge (including turtle, Verne).

008 Best Buy
In this ad, the turtle appears only in the verbal layer, the hero first asks the seller about Apple products and he knows everything, finally asks about turtle doves, to which the seller replies that they know about Apple products, not turtles (proving that they really don’t know, because that’s the name of the bird).

009 Bosch
An advertisement for a Bosch vacuum cleaner, featuring a large turtle. The pet shows up, enters the house, spreads mud and creates a different kind of mess, so you have to clean up after him.

010 Google Pixel 3
Advertisement of google phone and “google lens” option – sea turtles appear, but are incorrectly referred to as “Weird looking frog”. The advertisement wants to show that thanks to Google Lens we are able to correctly check and identify, for example, animals or places.

011 Ufo
Turtle-shaped camera ad. In Japanese so we don’t understand the details of what they say.

012 Ring
An advertisement for the Ring service, which allows you to see “what’s up at home”, e.g. with pets left alone. A turtle appears in a short shot.

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