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001 Tricky Tommy Turtle
An advertisement of a turtle toy from 1967. When you whistle on a turtle whistle, the toy begins to move forward by itself, stopping for another whistle sound, hiding its head.

002 Crayola Twirl ‘n’ Whirl Turtle
An advertisement of crayons and a turtle addition to them, which draws interesting patterns by itself, he also has some stamps (in the tail and on the shell) that allow you to additionally decorate the drawing.

003 Glo-Friends – Glo-Turtle
An ad of glowing (fluorescent) Gloo Friends toys, in this particular ad, a turtle.

004 Tranquil Turtle
Advertising of a toy, a glowing turtle projector that allows you to sleep better. When mom tells her daughter not to wake daddy, she runs to get her turtle and puts it next to a sleeping father so he can sleep better.

005 Mr Turtle Pool
Advertising of a turtle-pool.

006 Twilight Turtle
An advertisement for a turtle sleeping lamp/projector, apart from the object itself, there is also an animated turtle.

007 Turtle Sandbox
Advertisement for a turtle shaped sandbox (with a water lane around the perimeter).

008 Twilight Turtle
Another advertisement for a turtle projector.

009 Little Live Pet Lil’ Turtle
An advertisement for a toy turtle, a mechanical turtle that walks, swims, etc., and comes in a variety of designs.

010Turtle Bath Salon
An advertisement for a bathing toy designed to diversify this activity.

011 Mr. Turtle Sandbox
An advertisement of turtle sandbox/pools, with a lot of turtle symbolism (including turtle platform).

012 Baby Turtle Tots
Advertising of toy turtles, very doll-like.

013 Playskool
Advertising of a floating turtle, bath toy produced by Playskool.

014 LEGO Elves – 41191 – Naida & the Water Turtle Ambush
A sneak peak of a very turtle set of LEGO.

015 Zwierzaki Przedszkolaki – żółw Albert
An advertisement for an interactive turtle Albert, from the series “Pets Preschoolers”.

016 ZAKS
Advertising of a toy, blocks from which you can assemble various things, turtle is shown as one of examples.

017 Flying Turtle
Mainly, it’s an advertisement for a store (WonderWorks), but also for a toy called Flying turtle.

018 Skilpadden Martina
Advertisement for a toy turtle (named Martin), at the beginning there are also real turtles shown, in “binocular” view.

019 Swim & Sing Turtle
Advertising of a bath/water toy, a turtle that swims (and can sing) after winding.

020 McDonalds – National Geographic – Weird But True
Advertising-presentation of the toys added to Happy Meal at McDonald’s, in collaboration with National Geographic. One of the toys is a turtle (green sea turtle).

021 McDonalds – National Geographic – Weird But True
Other, shorter advertisement for the Happy Meals toys described above.

022 McDonalds – Endangered Animals
An ad for another set of toys added to the Happy Meals in McDonald’s, this time focusing on endangered animals. One of the toys is a small plush leatherback turtle.

023 McDonald’s – Finding Nemo
An ad showing toys from the movie “Finding Nemo“, added to Happy Meals – one is a turtle.

024 Kinder Surprise – Teeny Terrapins
An advertisement for a turtle series of toys added to Kinder Surprises.

025 Bandai – Tinga Tinga Tales
An advertisement for Tinga Tinga Tales toys, including a turtle.

026 Wonder Pets
An advertisement of toys from the Wonder Pets series, including a turtle.

027Pędzące Żółwie
Advertisement for the board game “Pędzące Żółwie”, of course there are turtles in it.

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