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001 AT&T
In an AT&T ad (a high-speed internet), the turtle only appears in dialogue.
Guy: whats something slow that you would like to be fast
Kid: Turtle.
Guy: Really, a turtle? What about you?
Girl: I rather be a slow turtle.
Guy: wha-mmmmm.
Girl. I know why, because when you are slower, you wont have to get into the street as fast and get ran over.
Guy: But if your a slow turtle and you in the middle of the street, what happens austin.
Kid: “smacks forhead”.
Guy: Exactly.

002 Fastweb
The protagonist of the advertisement is a man, a fan of turtles from a very early age. He treats them as a safeguard, when he has to deal with something fast, like the advertised internet. Typical contrast and a reference to turtle slowness.

003 Telecom New Zealand
The protagonist, a child disguised as a turtle, begins a mission to free the (real) turtle, finally, the turtle itself is shown.

004 VivaCell MTS
The stereotypical slow turtle is shown, but it turns into a fast turtle as soon as the advertised company’s internet connection is “connected” to him.

005 Telekomunikacja Polska
Advertising of TP services, intended to show that the costs of calls are so low that you can talk for hours (which is symbolize by the fact, that while the owner was talking, the turtle managed to walk to the sea and back).

006 Plus GSM
Turtle talks on a mobile phone, because there is a profitable offer in PLUS, in the Christmas promotion you get as much as 90 free minutes (which was probably quite a lot at the time).

007 Orange
We can see a sea turtle slowly returning to the water – but when it is explained that Orange is fast, the turtle suddenly begins to move faster.

008 Netlife
Advertisement of internet connection, showing two roommates, one of them has a very slow internet, which is visualized by fact, that he is a turtle.

009 Beeline
An advertisement for a mobile operator, mainly showing a turtle riding a skateboard (at one point he hides his head to get a helmet).

010 Three
Advertising of the British mobile operator. Turtle beats another character to make him praise the advertised product and say, that turtles are great.

011 OneCall
Advertising of the Norwegian telephone network. Among the large number of animals that the protagonist keeps at home, a turtle is visible in several shots.

012 O2
An advertisement for a telephone network, showing bicycle helmets washed ashore, turtles begin to use them for protection – with a comment that every now and then there is something new, worth trying, such as the offer of the advertised network.

013 T-Mobile
T-Mobile commercial, a real sea turtle, there is also a turtle in the form of a stuffed animal.

014 Lycamobile
Typical The Tortoise and the Hare, reptile wins thanks to the power of 4G, supported by the advertised telephone network.

015 NET
This ad features a turtle riding a skateboard, which is probably a reference to the internet speed offered by the provider.

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