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001 Duracell
Battery advertisement – toy turtles are racing, the one with the advertised battery has the best performance and the rest falls off on the way.

002 Clorox
Most of the ad is “animation” starting with a giant turtle sneezing and starting a rather bizarre course of events, which turns out to be a story that child tells his mother, explaining why his clothes are soaked (and the ad is about washing detergents).

003 Clorox
Another advertisement for Clorox products, this time everyone in the family is surprised and they open their mouths and stare at the effectiveness of the advertised product – both an old woman (stereotypically, a grandmother), a young girl and even her turtle.

004 Grey Tortoise
Cigarette advertising, there are no turtles themselves, only the name is turtle.

005 Courts Furniture Stores
Advertising for a furniture store – you can only see a turtle for a moment, traumatized by the fact that he has to look at ugly things at his owners house.

Advertising of a shop where you could buy things – most of the advertising time is a turtle saying that his shell is so smooth thanks to the washing gel he bought in the advertised place.

007 Lar Centre Design & Decoration Shopping Mall
Throughout the advertisement (“full day”), the film’s protagonist takes the turtle for a walk. The message of the advertisement is that he is in no rush to go home because he has ugly furniture (and you can buy nice furniture in the advertised place, of course).

008 Britannia Building Society
Advertising of a building society. Throughout the advertisement, a turtle is shown, originally homeless/shellless, but thanks to the services of the advertised company, it got a shell and is satisfied.

Advertisement for learning Chinese. For half of the advertisement, the protagonist runs to the dictionary through the city to see how the sign for Tortoise is painted, then returns and reports to the boss that he painted it wrong.

010 Nike
Variation on the Tortoise and the Hare, this time the race is run by a turtle, a hare and a Nike shoe. Of course, the shoe wins, the other two didn’t even take off.

011 Mistine
At the very beginning, the turtle hatches from the egg, but unusual, because in geese. “Mother” panics and is looking for his mother throughout the whole ad. He finally finds the right scent, the stench of a sweaty man. The advertised company produces, among others deodorants, and in Thai (where this ad is) body odor and turtle are assigned the same word, Tao.

012 Puma
Advertising for shoes, quite incomprehensible to us. The turtle walks with a shoe on his shell, meets a hare, the shoe falls off his shell but turtle walks on.

013 OPnGO
Two turtles slowly go to the parking spaces, while the third one drives quickly to the middle one, on the roof of the car – this is an advertisement for an application for booking and paying for parking spaces.

014 Schick
Advertising for razors, a variation on the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise is more reliable, so you should choose him (and the advertised product).

015 Tortoise and Hare Footwear
A company that sells shoes, that will find them for everyone, whether it’s slow and steady or fast.

016 Tough Turtle Turf
An advertisement for a company that lays artificial grass, a turtle appears only in the form of a turtle in the company’s logo.

017 Universo Online – Travel
The advertisement shows the complicated life of a turtle pendrive, which, as a result of an interesting coincidence, travels around the world. The message is that even he has a more interesting life than you, so take advantage of the advertised services (the travel part of the brazilian general-thematic website).

018 Sugar Mutts Rescue
Slightly uncool advertising, discouraging turtle adoptions and encouraging the adoption of a dog.

019 Turtle’s Records & Tapes
You can only see the turtle in the logo of the company, which also has the turtle name.

020 Art Instruction Schools
Advertising of a company trading with correspondence courses in the field of drawing, in the shown example of the test, you can see the head of an animated character that can be considered a turtle.

021 Heat Electric
Advertising of a heating company – a turtle is completely satisfied with their services.

022Banana Boat
Banana boat advertisement, at some point you can see a sea turtle underwater.

023 Boom Beach
Advertising of the game, a rather ominous looking turtle is visible.

024 Expedia
Advertising of a company providing services in the field of booking flights, rooms and similar holiday travel things. One of the things advertised is the ability to snorkel with sea turtles, which you can see too.

025 Food Lion.
Shop advertisement – at the beginning, a scene with turtle is shown, with a real turtle being moved from the path to safer grass.

Advertising of a website where you can reserve a place (time) to play on various golf courses. A turtle is shown for a second, with a piece of paper attached to his shell – he is the messenger.

027 Pilot
An advertisement for a company that produces pens and their specific product, in which the nib is hidden like in automatic pens.

028 Walmart
A Walmart ad using characters from Over the Hedge, including a turtle, Verne.

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