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001 Badoit
The Tortoise and the Hare (the classic pair, not racing this time) have a picnic and drink the advertised product, exclusive Badoit mineral water.

002 Pepsi
Pepsi ad. When the kids see an approaching bus with tourists, they release the turtle to stop the vehicle – it actually brakes in front of it. The kids start drinking Pepsi, thirsty tourists buy it from them, kids earn money in this way.

003 Kean
The ad shows turtles racing. The heroes’ turtle does not want to go, only when he drinks the advertised drink, he starts and wins the race, despite the initial delay.

004 Red Bull
In this advertisement, at the bottom of the ocean, ordinary fish of the kind with a tab with a luminous element on their head which they use in hunting is shown. On the other hand, there is a fish swimming over them, which drank Red Bull – instead of the normal “light” she has a disco ball. A turtle can be seen among the sea animals following it.

005 V
An advertisement in the style of baywatch (and with adequate music), but with a turtle. He can work as lifeguard, thanks to the advertised energy drink!

006 V
Another V ad, entirely focused on a turtle who drinks a little of the energetic drink and gains super speed.

007 Got Milk?
Advertising of milk (not specific brand but generally, drinking of milk), the race is between a turtle with a glass of milk on its shell and a turtle with a glass of orange juice – as you can guess, the one with the recommended product, milk, has an advantage.

008 Diet Coke
Advertising of a Diet Coke with a turtle carrying the can on its back. The screenshots are from a recording of an advertisement displayed on some screen “in the city”, not from a TV advertisement (these version is below).

009 Diet Coke
The Diet Coke advertisement, it shows a turtle with a can of Cola on the back of the shell, which, according to the message of the advertisement, loves and enjoys life by taking part in a wide variety of activities.

010 Diet Coke
Another Diet Coke ad, this time with a pair of turtles, in a New Year’s Eve vibe.

011 Taco Bell Frutista Freeze
Advertising of a drink that, according to the narrator, allows you to get away from everyday life. In this advertisement, the sea turtle goes ashore and talks to a man lying on a deckchair there. The tortoise mentions that he, too, runs away from various things, and mentions several species of sharks. At the end of the advertisement, he also asks the lying person if what he has seen on the horizon in the water looks like a fin to him.

012 Coca Cola
An advertisement that is almost a short film, created by Walter Lantz, who has his own list of short films on our database! But still, its ad, so it goes here. Basically it’s a classic Tortoise and the Hare, they race, the turtle wins and getsthe prize, a bottle of Coca Cola that he however, share with Hare, because Coca Cola, friendship, fair play, etc. associations this advertisement tries to generate.

013 Coca Cola
Coca-Cola advertisement, with a turtle in the main role.

014 SodaStream
The commercial starring Snoop Dogg, also features a turtle. The advertised product allows you to create sparkling water yourself, which means that the consumer does not produce as much plastic, which is important for the welfare of sea turtles.

An energy drink advertisement, a turtle scene flashes literally for a fraction of a second, you can blink and miss it.

016 Actimel
The turtle is the main character, it is put to hibernate by the girl – but instead he to snowboard. Of course, thanks to actimel.

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