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001 Carlton Natural Blonde
There are no turtles in this advertisement, but one of the characters, when informed that his girlfriend has entered the place, mimics the turtles’ behavior, that is, he hides his head.

002 Budweiser
In this advertisement, two turtles are sitting quietly on the beach, when two men appear nearby and place two bottles of the advertised beer next to each other. Then one turtle, taking advantage of their inattention, quickly (thus breaking the stereotypical turtle trait – slowness) runs up and steals this beer, throwing and hiding inside the other’s shell (which opens and inside you can see ice cubes, so it is some form of a refrigerator). The turtle is about to return to its starting position, and they both look very innocent when the guys realize, that beer disappeared.

003 Negra Modelo
In the advertisement, the turtle goes with a beer, a six-packs on its shell, the message is to take your time with this beer, to enjoy the taste, not drink it to quickly.

004 Guinness Limited Edition
The turtle is walking slowly. The message is that Guinness is worth the wait. Also a limited can with a turtle is shown.

005 Brahma
A can of advertised beer falls out of the car. The turtle slowly and effortlessly goes to get it, the driver runs to retrieve it… but it is the turtle who is first and from joy, he performs a victory dance on his two hind legs.

006 Brahma
A kind of continuation of the above advertisement, the driver stops and starts showing off in front of the turtle that he can also do various tricks with the can. Meanwhile, the turtle steals his car and drives away.

007 Brahma
Again, a continuation of the above ones. While driving the car, the turtle gives two girls a ride to the motel. Then, he shows off the tricks he can do with the can.

008 Brahma
A “separate” advertisement for the same beer as above, this time the turtle is in a bar where he competes with the cook. He wins, because the cook repeats all the tricks behind him, only with a knife, not a can, and he also repeats the trick of “taking” the object on his neck as you can see it in the turtle version of the screenshots, the exact fate of the cook is left to the imagination).

009 Brahma
Turtle is sitting at the game, alone among the fans of the other team. He was happy about the goal, but was immediately embarrassed by his surroundings, so he slowly left the sector. As soon as he decided he was safe, however, he made a not very polite gesture.

010 Brahma
It is shown how the turtle travels a long distance, constantly bouncing the can.

011 White Claw Hard Seltzer
Beer advertisement, in one short scene you can see a sea turtle.

012 Żywiec
An advertisement for Żywiec (polish brand of beer), in one scene there is a sea turtle swimming underwater, he makes bubbles.

013 Corona
The turtle tries to climb the wall to get to the advertised beer, but he fails.

014 Terrapin
An advertisement for a beer with a turtle-related name and adequate symbolism on the label. In this ad, this beer is presented as a more sophisticated pick than typical beers.

015 Terrapin
Another advertisement for a beer with a turtle-related name and adequate symbolism on the label.

016 Pabst
A beer commercial in which a turtle appears in one scene, and a small white hat magically appears on his head.

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