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001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9
A classic reference to The tortoise and the Hare, the turtle is faster, because, as it turns out at the end, he was driving the advertised Jeep.

002 Peugeot 207
The turtle (Alfred) doesn’t know how to get to the other side of the flooded area. Finally, he jumps and bounces off the water, like a thrown pebble. Later, it is also shown that the back seats can be folded, to make enough space, even for a big turtle, like Alfred.

003 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT
A Mercedes AMG GT advertisement prepared especially for the advertising block during the Super Bowl 2015. It’s a turtle versus hare race again. Furry one is confident and gains an advantage, the turtle walks at its pace through the forest until it reaches the Mercedes factory, where he gets the advertised car and easily wins the race.

004 Volkswagen Passat
The Passat driver stops (and blocks traffic on some kind of bridge/viaduct), he does not want to run over the tortoise that is crossing the road. The animal smiles, pleased with this turn of events – when the car was approaching, he hid inside his shell.

005 Audi
A typical beach scene with hatching turtles, most of which are killed “at the hands” of various predators, a theme that runs through countless nature films. But here, one looks around, assesses the situation and shows cleverness – instead of going by land, he digs under the sand, so he is safe because he is invisible to predators. The advertisement is supposed to evoke positive associations with the brand, to say that Audi is also thinking about what it produces, etc.

006 Mini-cooper
Mini-cooper ad, showing 3 birds and a turtle with a rocket, plus the statement “one of these things is not like the others”, which is suggesting, that the advertised mini is also different from “normal” cars.

007 Volvo Cross Country
The hero(s) are driving a Volvo SUV, at some point they notice a sea turtle on the road. The driver, despite the rain, gets off and carries him to the water, the advertisement is probably supposed to create a positive association, want to says, that Volwo drivers are good people.

008 Toyota Yaris Verso (also known as Funcargo)
Another variation of the tortoise and the hare theme. This time the turtle won because they both rode the same car together for a while, but the hare was too comfortable in it and did not want to come out of it, so he did not take part in the race final.

009 Seat Altea Freetrack
The message of the ad is, that nature is boring/uninteresting and it should be made more exciting (of course, the car is answer to that “problem”).

010 Honda Civic LX Sedan
The characters drive the advertised car, to watch the newly hatched turtles.

011 CarMax
The hero is at the car dealer and has a turtle with him. He asks, among other things, whether if the turtle does not like the car, he will be able to return it (the seller says yes).

012 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
A set of five hybrid cars ads, all of them in Californian style – the animals (and rock) in them are symbols of this state (a desert tortoise and it is a reptilian symbol of that state).

013 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

014 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

015 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

016 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

017 Citroën 2CV
A turtle slowly turning into a car is shown (a theme also used in press advertisements), it’s all about fact, that this vehicle, like the turtles, maybe is not too fast, but you can rely on it.

018 Fiat
At the beginning of the commercial, the turtle walks slowly, then the cars are shown and the narrator speaks a lot (but in Italian, which we don’t understand), at the end the turtle is shown again, this time going much faster (the recording with him is simply speded up).

019 Honda Element
In this advertisement, the fourth wall is broken, the turtle talks (breaking stereotypes, he speaks very quickly) to the narrator of the advertisement.

020 Amaron Batteries
Another variation on the theme of a tortoise and a hare. This time the hare has a sports car and the turtle some weaker vehicle, but ultimately he wins, because in his car he had the advertised battery that did not disappoint him, while the hare could not start his machine.

021 Bridgestone
The animal crossing the road, is seconds from being run over by a car and all animals are screaming, including a turtle. But the car has tires from the advertised company, so without losing grip, it evades the animal.

022 Volkswagen
The car advertisement, focusing on how quickly the advertised Volkswagen Tiguan can brake, as an example, a turtle is shown, walking on the road and of course car stops easy before him.

023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe/Wrangler 4xe
This commercial features various scenes and animals from around the world. In one scene, a snapping turtle is showed.

024 Kia Sportage
The owner of the advertised car attached a huge rake to it to clean the beach – which is supposed to show that even in such rather difficult conditions the vehicle is doing great. There are also turtles coming out onto a clean beach to lay their eggs, and baby turtles hatching.

025 Honda
The ad features the Ninja Turtles figurines and they lead the narrative, praising Honda vehicles, of course.

026 Fiat
This Fiat ad features a man walking around with a turtle shell. It is in an language that we do not known, so we do not fully understand its message.

027 Go RVing
An advertisement for motorhomes, it shows various scenes in the climate of “what driving a motorhome allows”. In one of the scenes it is sayed to share the road with others, as another road user, a turtle is shown, and the vehicle of course stops before him.

028 Motorex
Advertisement for a company producing car oils. It shows a turtle walking along the road, a car stops in front of it and the animal is moved to the safety.

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