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001 – The symbol and logotype of the British car brand, Gordon-Keeble, was a turtle (t was not planned, during the inaugural photo shoot, the turtle entered the frame, the creators appreciated the irony of combining a stereotypically slow pet and cars and therefore chose it as their logo).
Źródła: Wikipedia,

002 – The characteristic, upward-opening car doors, known as “Lamborghini doors”, are also sometimes called “turtles”.
Żródła: Wikipedia,

003 – One of the Lockheed P-2 Neptune aircraft, designed to test issues such as the crew’s endurance for long flights and navigation during such flights, additionally serving PR purposes and breaking various records (such as the longest distance traveled without refueling), was firstly nicknamed “The Turtle”, later “The Truculent Turtle”, its beak was also decorated with graphics with a turtle.
Źródła: Wikipedia,

004 – The Italian locomotive FS Class E.444, which made its debut in the 1960s, was also known under the nickname “Tartaruga” (“turtle”).
Źródła: Wikipedia,

005 – In the 1970s, Dick Newick called the trimaran he designed the “Third Turtle”. In 1976, this vehicle took third place in the Trans-Atlantic race.
Źródła: Wikipedia,,,

006 – The VMTB-341, the US WWII bomber squadron was nicknamed “Torrid Turtles”, and had adequate symbolism.
Źródła: Wikipedia, Książka “Why Marines Fight” (googlebooks), Książka “…AND A FEW MARINES: Marines in the Liberation of the Philippines” (fragment w serwisie

007 – At one point in its existence, the Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer was called “Turbulent Turtle”.
Źródła: Wikipedia, Książka “Code Warriors: NSA’s Codebreakers and the Secret Intelligence War Against the Soviet Union” (googlebooks)

008 – Volkswagen Beetle was known differently in different countries:
– in Bolivia he was called Peta (turtle),
– in Bulgaria, one of the names was осτенурка (“Kostenurka”), also a turtle,
– Χελώνα (“Chelona”, turtle) in Greece
– Rag-gah ركـّة (little turtle) in Iraq
– Kura (turtle), Malaysia
– Ba-o, (turtle), Philippines
– Ibba (turtle), Sri Lanka
– รถ เต่า (“Rod Tao”, turtle car), โฟล์ค เต่า (“Volk Tao”, Volkswagen turtle), Thai
– Kaplumbağa (turtle), Tosbağa (tortoise), Turkey
Źródła: Wikipedia

009 – The Russian yacht Livadia (launched in 1880) was compared to, among others, the turtle.
Źródła: Wikipedia,

010 – One of the prototype tracked vehicles produced by Adolph Saurer AG was the “Saurer Tartaruga”, turtle.
Źródła: Wikipedia,

011 – When Maryland students participated in the Sikorsky Prize, they named their flying machines Gamera (I and II), alluding the flying turtle being the hero of Japanese movies (the mascot of the university is also a turtle, hence the reference).
Źródła: Wikipedia (I), Wikipedia (II), (strona uniwersytetu)

012 – Designed between 1937 and 1939, the Antarctic Snow Cruiser was mainly referred to as “Penguin”, “Penguin 1” but sometimes also as “Turtle”.
Źródła: Wikipedia, Źródło

013 – The Citroën 2CV car was sometimes called “tortoise”, a motive used by Citroen himself in press advertisements.
Źródła: Wikipedia

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