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001 – In the beliefs of the original inhabitants of the Amazon area there is a people of underwater, human-like beings Yacuruna. In their underwater cities, they use snakes as hammocks, crocodiles as boats and turtles as seats.
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002 – Some believe that leatherback turtles observed by ancient people could be the source of the legends about Each-uisge, the Sea/Water Horse.
Sources: Wikipedia, Sea monsters and mermaids in Scottish folklore: Can these tales give us information on the historic occurrence of marine animals in Scotland? w

003 – Tarasque is a mythological hybrid from Provence in eastern France, according to In the description, it resembles a dragon with a lion’s head, six bear-like legs, an ox’s body covered with a turtle’s shell, and a scaly tail ending with a scorpion’s sting.
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004 – One of the attributes, symbols of the Greek god, Hermes, was a turtle (according to myths, he made a musical instrument, a lyre, out of turtle shell).
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