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001 – There was a turtle on the flag of Szychel (both the regular and the governor’s) in the years 1903–1961 and the one from 1961–1976 (it was a British colony, and like most of them, it had a flag based on a common scheme, the left upper quarter was occupied by the British flag, the rest of the area was blue, in the right part, more or less in the middle, there was a symbol-emblem unique for a given colony). Also on the president’s flag from 1977-1996 and on the current president’s flag you can see a turtle, it is also in the coat of arms.
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002 – One of the unofficial symbols of Ecuador is the Galapagos Tortoise.
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003 – One of the official symbols of Cambodia is the Southern river terrapin, a.k.a. Royal Turtle.
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004 – There are two turtles in the coat of arms of the British Indian Ocean Territory.
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005 – There is a turtle in the coat of arms of the Cayman Islands.
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006 – Both the coat of arms and the flag (which includes the coat of arms) of the Ascension Islands contain turtles. Also, two flag proposals (the current one was chosen in 2012, the proposals were presented in 2010) included turtles.
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007 – In the United States, each state has a set of specific symbols that can be associated with it, apart from the obvious things like a flag or a slogan, there is also a lot of symbols related to fauna and flora, state bird, flower, insect, etc. One of the symbols is also a reptile, often turtle. List:
In Alabama since 1990, the reptilian symbol is Alabama Red-Bellied Turtle,
In the state of California, it is the desert turtle, living there (symbol since 1972), and since 2012 the sea-reptile symbol is leatherback leatherback turtles,
In Colorado since 2008, the symbol is Western Painted Turtle,
In the states of Georgia and Florida, the reptilian symbol is Gopher Tortoise living in both states, in the first from 1989, in the second from 2008,
In the state of Florida, apart from the turtle mentioned above, since 2008 there is also a symbol-saltwater reptile, which is Loggerhead turtle,
Also in South Carolina since 1988, the symbol is the Loggerhead turtle,
In Vermont since 1994, in Michigan since 1995 and in Ilinois since 2005 the reptilian symbol is Painted Turtle.
In Kansas since 1986, the symbol is Ornate Box Turtle,
In Maryland, since 1994, the symbol is Diamondback Terrapin Turtle,
In Missouri, since 2007, the symbol is Three-Toed Box Turtle,
In Nevada since 1989, the symbol is Desert Tortoise,
In the state of New Jersey from 2018 the symbol is Bog Turtle,
In the state of New York since 2006, the symbol is Snapping turtle,
In North Carolina from 1979 and in Tennessee from 1995 the symbol is Eastern Box Turtle,
In Texas, since 2013 the official sea turtle symbol is Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle.


008 – Both the old (used in the years 1947-1956) and the current coat of arms of the Solomon Islands contain the image of a turtle.
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