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001 – “North Shore Honu” is a Hawaiian baseball team that played in 2006-2008 – “honu” in Hawaiian means turtle, which is also strongly reflected in the team’s logo.
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002 – Beloit Snappers is a minor league baseball team, of course named after the “snapping Turtle” – due to the fact that Beloit is a city very closely related with turtles.
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003 – The logo of the football team “Desportivo Estância Baixo” (playing for the Cape Verde league) features a sea turtle.
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004 – The mascot of the Japanese band “Oita Trinita” is the turtle, Neetan.
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005 – There was a turtle in the logo of the “2013 Mediterranean Games” held in Turkey, and the mascot of this event was turtle named Karetta (a name referring to the Caretta Carretta species).
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006 – The “Illibuck Trophy” – for which Illinois Fighting Illini football team and Ohio State Buckeyes football compete – is in the shape of a turtle.
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007 – In the name and logo of the hockey team “TMH Żółwie Piła” there is of course a turtle (“żółwie” is polish word for a turtles).
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008 – A group of runners from Bydgoszcz, called “Bydgoskie Żółwie”, has a logo in its logo, and thus also on a shirts etc. (“żółwie” is polish word for a turtles)

009 – The mascot of the University of Maryland is “Testudo“, the turtle. Because of this, various university sports teams have names that are based on the principle of “Maryland Terrapins + name of the sport”, where Terrapins is of course a reference to turtles. There are baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, tennis, gymnastics and many more teams.
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010 – The American football team from Korea’s Dong-eui University is called “Turtle Fighters”.
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