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001 Capital One
In one of the Capital One (a kind of financial institution) ads , one of the heroes (who are famous stars, Charles Barkley, Samuel Jackson, Spike Lee), when he sees the armadilo, states that it is a turtle-rat and is sincerely convinced, that it is literally, a combination of a turtle and the rat.

002 Bhd Bank Credit Card
A very turtle advertisement, a turtle with the characteristic music from Rocky slowly goes to his destination, a shoe store, where thanks to an advertised credit card, he bought shoes for himself and now he can walk faster.

003 ING
Throughout the advertisement, a turtle is shown, and the narrator tells about him (in polish): “The turtle wanted to take a bath. Like a turtle: it wants to water! But he was in a hurry, so he ordered a horse. He reached the beach on horseback, was already running to the sea, when he hears the horse’s voice: Hola! Payment (hay) is due! And the moral of this fairy tale is short and known to some… we only have it for free, what we will do ourselves. ”

004 VISA
Advertising of Visa credit cards, father with children are waiting for the turtles to hatch, the message is, that it is possible thanks to Visa.

005 United MileagePlus Explorer Card
Credit card advertising, a sea turtle is visible under the water for a while.

006 United MileagePlus Explorer Card
Credit card ad, actually the same as the one above, only difference is fact, that here the main character is a woman. But here too, a sea turtle is visible for a moment.

007 Banco de Chile
Bank advertising, with a significant turtle participation. The main human character is obviously training a turtle – he throws a stick and turtle goes to get him, slowly.

008 Banco Familiar
Advertising of a Paraguayan bank. Advertising in language that e don’t know, so the description is based on the visual layer (may be more or less wrong) – the turtle goes to the bank, probably to arrange a loan for the purchase of a portable radio (boombox), on the way he meets a hare who, after a short conversation, quickly goes elsewhere. Then a change of scenery, we see a turtle dancing to the music from his new equipment, a sad hare comes to him – probably it was because he wanted to arrange a loan somewhere else but he failed, so the turtle gives him the number to the advertised bank – probably to make a positive association, something like “the bank is as certain as a turtle that always reaches its destination.”

009 Santander
A bank advertisement, turtle spends a lot of time on the screen, you can see him at the very beginning, then it returns regularly throughout the advertisement, more or less in the foreground. There is also a turtle symbolism – a painting on the skateboard ramp.

010 Amica Insurance
The kid tells the man that his turtle is making a roars, and in fact, the turtle makes such a sound because the advertised services have guaranteed satisfaction and fulfillment of expectations, etc.

011 Seguros Pepi
Advertising of a Dominican insurance company. A turtle on its back, it can’t turn by itself, but a human hand appears and turns it over.

012 DirectLine
Advertising of an insurance company, the protagonist speaks to the person behind the wheel of the car, we do not see him for most of the advertisement. Only at the end, as the punch line, it turns out that it is a turtle.

013 Deutsche Finanzagentur
An advertisement for German bonds, with a turtle as a specialist who talks about them. In German of course, so we’re not sure exactly what he’s saying.

014 Deutsche Finanzagentur
An advertisement for German bonds, with a turtle as a specialist who talks about them. In German of course, so we’re not sure exactly what he’s saying.

015 Deutsche Finanzagentur
An advertisement for German bonds, with a turtle as a specialist who talks about them. In German of course, so we’re not sure exactly what he’s saying.

016 Discover Card
A credit card ad. The site on which one of the characters bought the featured turtle robbed him, the message of the ad is that with these cards, you has nothing to worry about in the event of unauthorized transactions.

017 Desjardins
An advertisement for an insurance company, with the tortoise and hare motif. It’s all in French, so we didn’t understand the exact context.

An advertisement of an insurance company, on the occasion of its 75th anniversary, the interlocutor asks the company’s “mascot” gecko how old he is, he also adds that sea turtles can live up to 150 years.

“Sea turtles live to be 150, so…”

Motorhome Insurance ad, two turtles, a son and a father are talking about motorhomes and motorhome insurance.

020 Jackson Hewitt
An advertisement for a tax filing company, the turtle is shown as a symbol of other businesses where customers have to wait for their tax returns as if the turtles were delivering them.

021 VISA
Freshly hatched turtles and people watching them are shown, the message is that it is VISA card that allow you to see such wonderful views.

022 Direct Line
Ad featuring Donatello, one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He wants to help someone with a leak, but the plumber sent by the advertised insurance company takes care of the leak faster than he can.

023 STS
An advertisement for a bookmaker company, in one scene, on the table, you can see a turtle.

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