Short films – Walter Lantz

In this note, we present various animations with turtle elements, the common element of which is fact, that Walter Lantz participated in their creation.

Springtime Serenade (Year: 1935)
Two turtles are shown in this animation, they get out from their shells to dance.

Fox and the Rabbit (Year: 1935)
The turtle is only in one scene.

I’m Just a Jitterbug (Year: 1939)
You can see the dancing turtles again, so intensely that one of the turtles falls out of his shell and the partner has to “catch” him back.

Life Begins for Andy Panda (Year: 1939)
There are a lot of scenes with the turtle, the only ones that stand out more are those in which, together with the panda Andy, they fight the pygmies (at some point the turtle falls out of his shell, which one of the pygmy takes).

Snuffy’s Party (Year: 1939)
Turtle appears in three scenes in this animation. Once during the dance, once at the dam, and once, it is best visible, when he secures his house, nailing the windows.

Andy Panda Goes Fishing (Year: 1940)
Animation full of turtle, there is almost as much of him as the title Panda, Andy. Turtle is shown in various situations, first “naturally”, when he catches fish, then he helps Panda escape from two interested zoologists.

100 Pigmies and Andy Panda (Year: 1940)
Again, an Animation featuring a lot of turtle. First, he appears as a package deliverer, then has many other scenes, including one in which he has a “pygmy-proof door” mounted in a shell.

21 a Day Once a Month (Year: 1941)
The turtle appears here in several scenes: as a snoring recruit, as a member of the orchestra, and in an “out of the shell” version.

Juke Box Jamboree (Year: 1942)
Another animation showing dancing turtles – there is also a similar theme as in “I’m Just a Jitterbug“, with a turtle falling out of hisshell while dancing. However, it should be emphasized that it is another animation, there is no recycling of previously used animations here.

Yankee Doodle Swing Shift (Year: 1942)
The turtle appears in one fragment, he is trying to press the tire onto the rim, with a hammer. But he doesn’t quite succeed, instead of achieving his goal, he gets hit in the face with a bouncing hammer, several times.

The Flying Turtle (Year: 1953)
Animation entirely devoted to the turtle. This turtle wants to fly, and throughout the film he does everything to make his dream come true. Unfortunately, as a result of these efforts, he dies at the end, but it does not bother him so much, because he ends up in the turtle’s sky, where, as an angel-turtle, he receives the desired wings and finally flies as he dreamed.

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