Short films – Live action

In this note, we focus on various shorts with real people, actors (all other shorts, except for documentaries, are animated).

Habeas Corpus (Year: 1928)
The turtle appears in the scene in the cemetery, one of the heroes (unaware of it) puts a lamp on the turtle’s shell. Reptile walks away with that lamp.

Pups is Pups (Year: 1930)
Turtles appear in this movie in two versions. The first is a verbal reference, one of the boys says “You must think you are turtle” to the muddy girl. Later, real turtles appear, heroes make with them (and other pets) a confusion/chaos at the elegant dog show.

I’m a Monkey’s Uncle (Year: 1948)
A comedy short film, about a family of cavemen. The turtle appears in the form of a real pet that bites one of the heroes on the nose. Unfortunately, a turtle caught in this way is destined for a meal. The reptile can be seen in the scene in which he was caught and in the scene in the “kitchen” (however, there are no drastic scenes with killing of him or anything like that).

Tunnel (Year: 1998)
A very surreal film at times. The turtle first appears in it in the form of a real turtle, which the child riding the same subway car, shows to the main character. Then scenes with a real turtle are interspersed with scenes with a huge turtle that seems to be standing on the subway route and in which the vehicle finally, with a tragic effect on an animal larger than him, rides in.

La jeune fille et la tortue (Year: 1999)
A very turtle movie, the reptile appears for quite a long time. Unusually, this is a turtle talking to its owner (but it speaks “magically”, has no mouth motion animation or anything like that, the turtle itself is just an ordinary turtle).

Our Time Is Up (Year: 2004)
This film is about a therapist who meets a number of people with various problems. One of them is a man who is terrified of turtles. As part of the therapy, he is confronted with the object of his fear, a turtle walking towards him on the floor. The turtle is mentioned in the dialogues with this character, and is visible in the described scene.

Ana y Manuel (Year: 2004)
A turtle appears for a very short time as a domestic pet which, however, is released “into the wild”.

Hallelujah! Gorilla Revival (Year: 2008)
At the end of this short video, we can get a pretty good look at a turtle residing in some kind of white mush.

Old Malockee (Year: 2011)
A documentary-styled film about the “turtle hunter” who hunts the turtle named “Old Malockee”. The hunter wants to get revenge for killing his father. A lot of different turtle scenes appear in this short film.

Breaking Belding (Year: 2013)
A short parody, in the title itself referring to Breaking Bad, and in the content, to the episode Negro Y Azul of this series, in which a turtle appeared with the head of one of the characters on his shell. In addition, one of the characters is called Lisa turtle, which in turn is a reference to the series Saved by the Bell.

Wu gui (Year: 2014)
A film with two human heroes, one is trying to sell the turtle to someone, the other, a woman, shows an interest in the turtle, but more the man himself, whom he takes to make a photo session. The turtle is seen in various scenes throughout the movie.

ACCELERATE Be the Tortoise Not the Hare (Year: 2014)
A video referring to The Tortoise and the Hare and encouraging viewers to be like a turtle, not a hare, that is, to slow down,approach life more calmly, etc. In addition, there is a fragment of a movie with Bert the turtle in one scene.

Go To Sleep Sadie (Year: 2014)
The main character has a turtle named Rafael (a reference to Ninja Turtles?), and he appears in a few scenes during this short film.

Ferro Sonho (Year: 2015)
A turtle is shown in three different, short scenes.

Turtlepocalypse! (Year: 2016)
Short video created by the crew working on a different, normal length movie (Predatory Moon). The turtle is shown here, mainly by people’s reactions to it, as a unique, dangerous and bloodthirsty beast.

Einstein-Rosen (Year: 2016)
An interesting film, about a form of time travel – the turtle is one of the objects that the protagonist threw through the space-time hole (Einstein-Rosen Bridge, hence the title, but TD is not a place for a deeper exploration of this particular topic) and as such has a short scene where the characters they are young and even shorter when you see him among the things that “fell out of the hole” when the heroes are adults.

Le jour où maman est devenue un monstre (Year: 2017)
Turtle only appears in one scene in this film, when the action takes place in the veterinary office, where one of the main characters – mother – works.

The Marvin Family Tortoise (Year: 2018)
A film about Topher Marvin, who lives in a trailer and professes various conspiracy theories – he is in the possession of Reginald, a turtle. He is seen in several scenes including sleeping in one bed with his owner.

Tortoise (Year: 2018)
A movie full of turtle in which the main character, while driving a car, notices and stops in front of the turtle, which he picks up. And who it turns out, or so it seems, knows how to talk and talks to his finder. Unfortunately, the trailer in which he lives is not a very safe place for the turtle, because he is killed by a bowling ball falling from the shelf.

Gacha Gacha (ガチャガチャ) (Year: 2018)
The main character has a turtle in her apartment, he appears in a large number of scenes. Also, on the shelf with figurines, you can see one that looks like a Kappa.

The Sweet Turtle Bachelor (Year: 2019)
A parody of the television format The Bachelor. The title probably says it all, the main element of the parody is substituting a turtle for a real human bachelor. As such a turtle (the creators decided to use a figurine/model instead of a real animal) is visible in many scenes.

Firehawk – a Star Trek fan production (Year: 2022)
One of the characters visible on the bridge has a head that can cause solid turtle vibes.

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