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This note introduces all the short films that we found and that fall into the “documentary” category. These are mainly nature documentaries, but not only.

La vie au fond des mers (Year: 1911)
One of the oldest items we have described in the database, documentary about various sea animals, in which a sea turtle is briefly shown.

Marine Circus (Year: 1939)
There is one scene with a sea turtle, it is depicted as very dangerous!

Glimpses of Florida (Year: 1941)
A turtle catching scene is shown.

Man Killers (Year: 1943)
The turtle is one of the title “Man Killers”, the narrative and the way of presenting events definitely exaggerate the truth about turtles, a diver is shown, wrestling with a turtle, the whole thing is supposed to give the impression that this diver is fighting for his life – when in reality, he is absolutelly safe for the whole time.

Andy’s Animal Alphabet (Year: 1950)
Documentary about animals at the Bronx Zoo in New York City. The title Andy is an orangutan that meets various animals, i.a. he “interacts” with the large turtles.

Hina la petite Tahitienne (Year: 1962)
Documentary about Tahiti in a form similar to a slide show. In one of the photos shown, you can see a small sea turtle being held by a woman.

Once Upon Australia (Year: 1995)
In one of the scenes, an indeterminate animal appears, his shell is clearly a turtle-one.

The Many Faces of Papua New Guinea (Year: 1999)
The sea turtle appears in this film only in one short scene.

Living by Instinct: Animals and their Rescuers (Year: 2001)
Documentary about Los Angeles residents who devote their time and resources to caring for wild and abandoned pets. Turtles appear in several scenes, and there is also a lovely quote: “Most people things a turtle is a rock with legs“.

Return to Origin (Year: 2008)
Short Animation commissioned by Medasset (Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles). It shows the turtle’s life cycle, from hatching to returning to lay eggs – with a pessimistic vision that an adult turtle may not have a place to return.

Turtles in Trouble (Year: 2008)
Documentary prepared by The Travel Foundation, it mentions that the turtles watched the dinosaurs go. Many turtles are shown in the form of real animals as well as animations showing how people can admire them, without hurting them.

Ribbon of Sand (Year: 2008)
Documentary about the Outer Banks, an island in North Carolina. Two short scenes show turtles.

Fishy Business: The Illegal Driftnet Fishery (Year: 2008)
Documentary tells about the use of the driftnet method in fishing – it includes two short scenes with sea turtles.

Arribada (Year: 2009)
Arribada is the term used to describe the activities of sea turtles going ashore to lay their eggs. Since title is related to turtles, you can guess that this documentary is very turtle too – and it will be a good lead. It tells about the activities related to the protection of sea turtles in the Mexican state of Baja California.

Sea Turtle Conservation with Grupo Tortuguero (Year: 2009)
Documentary about the activities of Mexico’s Grupo Tortoguero, dealing with the rescue and support of sea turtles. As such, it is a movie full of scenes with turtles, in addition, at the end, one of the characters, when saying that their work will take a long time, uses the phrase Slow and steady wins the race, which refers to the story of The Tortoise and the Hare.

The Heat Is On: Desert Tortoises and Survival (Year: 2010)
Documentary about desert turtles, so it is of course full of scenes with these animals.

Sirena Rediviva (Year: 2012)
A short pseudo-Documentary, focused on the search for the mythical creature that is the mermaid. In one scene you can see a water turtle.

Julio Solis, A MoveShake Story (Year: 2012)
Another Documentary devoted to saving sea turtles, so obviously there are many scenes with them and conversations about them.

Semporna Shark Sanctuary (Year: 2013)
Documentary film focusing on sharks, however, in one scene there is a turtle. Among the logos of the organization shown at one point, you can also see one that uses a turtle as its symbol.

¡Viva la Tortuga! (Year: 2013)
Documentary focusing on turtle rescue activities in Magdalena Bay, Mexico. Obviously, it is full of various scenes with sea turtles.

Invasion of the Giant Tortoises (Year: 2013)
Documentary focusing on the introduction of the title giant turtles to the island of Mauritius. The reptiles can be seen in many different scenes.

Toy Place (Year: 2013)
Documentary about the toy museum in Vermont, USA. Among the various toys, at some point you can see the board from the game Pizza Power Game, in the same shot on the shelf above you can see (only partially visible) the figures of Ninja turtles. In another scene, ninja turtles are also shown in the form of bathtub containers. The last turtle item we saw was the turtle in the picture from Super Mario Bros..

Biotopia (Year: 2014)
Short animated documentary, ZOO is shown, turtle is visible in one short scene. He is lying on his back, but a ZOO employee enters his catwalk and turns him over.

Bim 26 (Year: 2014)
Documentary really full of turtles, about hunting them (which is illegal, but still practiced) in Mexico.

Under Threat (Year: 2018)
Documentary full of turtles, focusing on loggerhead turtles and rescue efforts on the Greek island of Kefalonia.

The Mystery Of The Gnaraloo Sea Turtles (Year: 2018)
A documentary about sea turtles, focusing on their relationship with the Australian Bay of Gnaraloo. Of course, there is a lot of turtle scenes here.

Fragile – Why Turtle Hatchlings need the sea (Year: 2018)
Documentary about sea turtles, especially the little ones. Completely filled with scenes with them.

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