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In this note, we collect all short animations that do not match any of the other categories.

Les exploits de Feu-Follet (Year: 1912)
Very old animation. A turtle appears in it, but after a while it fuses with the main character, becomes a jacket/cover and then a balloon. A very unusual thing.

Bobby Bumps Adopts a Turtle (Year: 1917)
The whole animation, as the title suggests, revolves around the turtle, so you can see him in a huge number of scenes.

The Haunted Ship (Year: 1930)
There are a lot of scenes with turtles dancing, playing instruments, just “being part of the action”, there is even one turtle on which someone is playing, like on a harmony.

Camping Out (Year: 1932)
A short animation in which two turtles appear, first they dance normally, then atypically, after the dog grabbed them and started hitting their shells against each other, they jumped out and continued dancing, “naked”.

Poor Little Me (Year: 1935)
Animation from the Happy Harmoniess series, turtles appear in it in several scenes, in various roles: as the basis of a swing, simply by participating in fun, etc.

An Elephant Never Forgets (Year: 1935)
Strongly turtle animation, the turtle appears first as one of the students in the class, when the teacher leaves, he substitutes for her and, the camera focuses more on him.

Summertime (Year: 1935)
Very turtle animation, the turtle appears first as one of the students in the class, when the teacher leaves, he substitutes for her and the camera focuses more on him.

Chinkoroheibi and The Treasure Box (Year: 1936)
The turtle has a big role here, he takes part in the underwater race, etc.

Poor Little Butterfly (Year: 1938)
Unusually, there is a turtle-warship, can be seen in a lot of scenes.

Oyoge ya Oyoge (Year: 1939)
In this animation, you can clearly see the turtle in one scene, and you can also see him in the collective view of the audience. Most turtle elements, however, appear underwater, in the form of Kappa, which takes part in a fairly long sequence.

Bring Himself Back Alive (Year: 1940)
Turtle appears as the companion and mount of the main character (bad guy), as such he appears throughout most of the animations.

Song of Victory (Year: 1942)
Turtle appears here in one second-long scene.

Little Gravel Voice (Year: 1942)
The turtle is one of the animals in the group met by the donkey, the main character. He appears in a large number of scenes, sometimes the image focuses on him, sometimes he is only one of the showed animals.

Swiss Cheese Family Robinson (Year: 1947)
The turtle appears in one important scene, helping the title characters get from the wrecked ship to the land. Like many others, also this turtle shows unusual properties of the shell, he can open its upper part while swimming and peek through it.

Half-Pint Pygmy (Year: 1948)
In one short scene a turtle appears, he “falls” out of his shell.

Snow Foolin (Year: 1949)
The turtle appears at the very end, inside his opening shell he holds a pot of hot coffee and mugs.

His Mouse Friday (Year: 1951)
Animation from the Tom and Jerry universe. At some point, a turtle appears on the screen, which Tom is trying to eat – without success.

Duck and Cover (Year: 1952)
Produced for educational purposes, a short film designed to teach citizens how to behave in the event of a nuclear explosion, the title Duck and cover. The film itself also has animated segments in which Bert the turtle appears, which is supposed to reach its addressees, who were primarily younger people. You can also see a turtle drawn on a blackboard in one scene. We already have a note about comic book with Bert and about film The Atomic Cafe where excerpts, ie animations with Bert, were used.

Sleepy-Time Squirrel (Year: 1954)
In the squirrel’s nightmare, a monster with a turtle-like shell appears, and it is Barney the bear (this animation belongs to a series of stories about him) who breaks this dream.

The Pogo Special Birthday Special (Year: 1969)
Created for the twentieth anniversary of the brand, a special birthday episode of the Pogo, a cahracter derived from comic strips. Of course, it features Churchy La Femme, an important character in these comics, he has a lot of scenes.

Обезьянка с острова Саругасима (Year: 1970)
The turtle plays a vital role in this animation, appearing in many scenes.

B.C.: The First Thanksgiving (Year: 1973)
A short animation referring to the title universe of B.C., derived from the comic strips about which we have a note. John the Turtle appears in a few scenes of this short, including an unusual form, as he comes out of his shell for a moment.

Trail of the Lonesome Pink (Year: 1974)
Animation from the Pink Panther universe, where the hero uses turtles in combat/as weapons. As such, they appear in a number of scenes.

Yankee Doodle Cricket (Year: 1975)
The turtle appears in one scene of this animation, but it is perfectly visible.

Three Monks (Year: 1980) San ge he shang
Twice a turtle appears as an important motif here – one of the monks stumbles over him in a hurry.

Ciekawski żółwik (Year: 1987) (Коротышка — зелёные штанишки)
The animation tells the story of two turtles, first of all, a younger, wayward and adventurous, and an older one, a guardian with a “grandfather’s appearance”.

The Tortoises (Year: 1987) Brunurupuci
Animation 100% about turtles and the threats that modern civilization introduced into their lives.

Pony Glass (Year: 1988)
An unusual work in which a turtle appears on the screen in several scenes.

Creature Comfort (Year: 1989)
Clay animation with various animals, including turtles. It started two tv-series with the same title, the british and american versions.

Welcome to the Discworld (Year: 1996)
A short eight-minute animation adapted from the beginning of Terry Pratchett’s book, Reaper Man. A`Tuin has been shown here quite solidly and from all sides.

Turtle World (Year: 1998)
A huge turtle appears here, carrying the entire civilization on his shell. You can see him in a large number of scenes.

Navia Dratp (Year: 2005)
The presence on this list is a bit far-fetched, because in theory it is a series. In practice, the whole consists of five two-minute episodes and the whole thing is a commercial for the Navia Dratp collector’s battle game – we decided that it could be described here. Turtle elements (Gyullas Turtle) appear in the third and fifth mini-episodes.

Carnivore Reflux (Year: 2006)
The turtle appears in this work only in one scene, as a real turtle that was puked by one of the characters, which means that he once had to eat something made from turtle.

Deadly Desire (Year: 2008)
A sad story about a turtle that fell in love with a bird, one of those that hunt turtles. It ends unhappily for the turtle, because he dies, the bird behaves according to his instincts.

Natural Selection: The Rise of the Proletariat (Year: 2008)
A film with a strong political tone, with characters such as Charles Darwin or Karol Marx. The turtle appears in the form of Darwin’s love, a large turtle that is killed by humans.

Caldera (Year: 2012)
A highly metaphysical film in which you can see a sea turtle in a few shots.

The Moon that Fell Into the Sea (Year: 2013)
A turtle appears, and a story is told of how he once held the whole world on his back.

Scout’s Honor (Year: 2014)
A short school animation, about a scout who would like to help the turtle cross the road, but is torn between easy (move it) solutions and compatible with the manual that he follows. Hence, for example, he starts a fire behind the turtle to motivate him to move faster.

Несуразь (Year: 2014)
Whole animation about a wandering turtle.

Lawa (Year: 2014) Lava
The turtles appear in this animation in two scenes, first, as a pair of sea turtles on the beach (the design of the turtles is very similar to those seen in the films Finding Nemo and Finding Dory) and later as a pair of turtles visible “from below” in the water.

Berry Ville (Year: 2015)
Animation – a diploma project of eight students of the Technical College in Reykjavik. In several scenes turtles are more or less visible.

Kaze no Matasaburou (Year: 2016)
A short anime that shows a school attended by both normal people and animals, looking normal but conscious, etc. One of the pets is a (slow) turtle, of course, you can see him in a lot of scenes throughout the animation.

Hybrids (Year: 2017)
The turtle is one of the titular hybrids, he has the most of screen time for itself, he is visible through most of the animations.

Caracol Cruzando (Year: 2018)
Very sad animation, filled with turtles. Having to travel from Costa Rica, the girl has to leave her friend, the turtle Tiko, behind. However, he decides to take a risk and try to smuggle him in – which, unfortunately, fails, he is confiscated at the airport. Apart from Tiko, there are also figurines that may be associated with Ninja turtles.

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