Short films – Popeye

This note collects short animations with the sailor Popeye as the protagonist, of course, only those in which we found various turtle elements.

Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp (Year: 1939)
The turtle appears in one scene, he transports Popey on his back, to the gallows where he is to be executed.

Cartoons Ain’t Human (Year: 1943)
In one scene, Popeye lands in a lake or other type of water, and is lifted out from it on the back of the turtle on which he landed.

The Royal Four-Flusher (Year: 1947)
The turtle appears here in one scene, Popeye, thrown by an opponent, falls into his catwalk and pushes him out of his shell, taking his place. Turtle did not like that.

Wotta Knight (Year: 1947)
The turtle appears here only symbolically – Popeye, at the end, puts his opponent “in shields” and throws him into the water – he (opponent) looks very turtle-like at that moment.

Popeye’s Premiere (Rok: 1949)
Most of the turtle scenes shown here are from Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp, showed in the cinema. With a slight change, in the turtle fragment, Popeye breaks the rules and, and as a spectator he gives himself-on-screen spinach.

Lunch With a Punch (Year: 1952)
In one of the memory scenes a turtle is shown, the negative character uses him to deliver an explosive gift to Popeye’s seat.

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