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In this note, we take a look at turtle elements in various Disney shorts, for clarity we divided them into four types (there is a classic chronological division within each type).

The four parts are Silly Symphonies (Citing Wikipedia, series of 75 animated short films from 1929-1939), videos whose hero is Pluto, movies whose hero is Mickey Mouse , and all the other short animations from Disney.. It is also worth mentioning, that the character of Toby Tortoise , due to the iconic nature of him, was described in a separate note.

Silly Symphonies
Springtime (Year: 1929)
Turtles appear in this animation in two forms – one is as instruments on which the character of a frog plays, the other is a turtle sitting in a pond, on which the frog jumps and “turns it over”, he does several full turns “normal/belly up”.

Cannibal Capers (Year: 1930)
In one of the scenes, a real turtle appears for a longer time, moreover, one of the local residents, seeing that reptile, uses his shield to pretend to be a turtle (which almost ends tragically for him when the cook wants to throw him into the cauldron, mistaking him for a real turtle).

Night (Year: 1930)
The turtle only appears in one scene, when he is swimming in the water and frog jumps on him.

Playful Pan (Year: 1930)
There are two turtle scenes in this animation. In the first one, the turtle serves as a means of transport for the title character. The second appearance is a scene with running turtles and hares, which is probably a reference to the Tortoise and the Hare story.

The Busy Beavers (Year: 1931)
A turtle swimming underwater appears, he bites the beaver’s tail, which in turn uses the turtle to plug the hole, supporting him with a stick.

King Neptune (Year: 1932)
A turtle can be seen among the animals underwater, later several turtles are used in a combat, to fire cannonballs.

More Kittens (Year: 1936)
This animation have a large segment with cats and a turtle. First, he “carries” them, then they play together, or rather, the cats accost the turtle and wants him to play with them.

Little Hiawatha (Year: 1937)
In one scene, four turtles appear, which together carry the title character’s canoe from the shore to the water.

The Eyes Have It (Year: 1945)
In this animation, Donald hypnotizes Pluto to make him believe that he is a variety of animals. At some point, the pooch thinks he is a turtle, and his body changes into an adequately looking turtle shell.

Canine Patrol (Year: 1945)
Pluto is pictured here as a Coast Guard member end his mission is, well, to guard the shore. On the beach, however, a turtle hatches and “wants to go into the water”. Whole animation is focused on his attempts to get into water and Pluto stopping him. At the end, however, Pluto gets into trouble and the turtle saves him, making their further relationship a friendly one.

Pluto’s Housewarming (Year: 1947)
Another animation with Pluto and a turtle. This time the turtle wants to move into Pluta’s kennel, so he throws out all Pluto’s bones out of it. The orange pooch doesn’t like it, of course, and chases the turtle away. But he is also chased away by a stronger bulldog, who takes his kennel. However, the bulldog is confronted with a turtle and chased away by him, but small reptila almost dies. Pluto revives him, the punch line is agreement between them and they sharing the kennel in which there is enough room for both of them.

Pluto’s Surprise Package (Year: 1949)
The third episode of Pluto’s adventures with the turtle, this time reptile arrives in a package that Pluto would like to deliver home. The whole animation focuses again on their mutual adventure.

Myszka Miki
Minnie’s Yoo Hoo (Year: 1930)
In this animation, in just one scene, between the animals playing instruments, you can see a turtle.

The Castaway (Year: 1931)
At the very end of this animation, Mickey, while running away from a lion, comes across something that he thinks is a rock in the water. It turns out, however, that it is a turtle, the ending shows Mickey swimming away on that turtle. This animation and turtle element are mentioned in the Golden Days for Boys and Girls episode of the Forbidden Empire tv series.

The Delivery Boy (Year: 1931)
The turtle is used by Miki as a musical instrument, he plays on him like on a drum, and then he uses him to strike a bigger drum.

Mickey Cuts Up (Year: 1931)
Mickey falls into a birdhouse, which makes him look a bit like a turtle, Minnie also tells him about the resemblance. He stays like this for a while.

Mickey’s Gala Premier (Year: 1933)
In the film (also animated, of course) shown in this animation, at some point Mickey rides a turtle, leading the chase, the whole thing brings to mind some cowboy associations, only with a turtle instead of a horse.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol (Year: 1983)
In one cameo scene, there is a turtle that we could already see in the Disney feature film, Robin Hood.

Inne krótkie animacje od Disneya.
Alice the Jail Bird (Year: 1925)
The turtle appears through this entire animation, showing off, among other things, such unusual features as a retractable, very long neck (which can be used to help someone to get to some high place) or the ability to hide someone in his shell.

Destino (Year: 2003)
A long-produced short film, production started in 1945 for the needs of the never-released third part of the Fantasia series. It contains one segment that represents something undefined, but resembling turtles. We have already mentioned this in two places in the TD, once in the description of the movie Fantasia 2000 where one frame with them is shown as one of the never realized projects, the other one is mentioned in our text about various artists, in section about Salvador Dalí – among his turtle works are sketches and graphics from this project.

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