Fantasia 2000

Title: Fantasia 2000
Year: 1999
Director: Eric Goldberg (fragment z Donaldem i arką), James Algar, Gaëtan Brizzi, Paul Brizzi, GHendel Butoy, GFrancis Glebas, Don Hahn, Pixote Hunt
Actors: Steve Martin, Itzhak Perlman, Quincy Jones, Bette Midler, James Earl Jones
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Music
Country: USA

Why in Database: At one point, one of the people running the film program talks about rejected projects that did not make to final movie, citing, among others, the figure of Salvador Dali. At this point you can see a drawing/artwork in which you can see motifs that can be interpreted as turtle shells. In addition, in the segment about Donald and “Ark”, among the pairs of animals bringed to the ark, you can see (in several shots) turtles.

Author: XYuriTT

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