Tinga Tinga Tales

Title: Tinga Tinga Tales
Year: 2010-2011
English dubbing: Eugene Muchiri, Geoffrey Curtin, Lenny Henry, Patrice Naiambana, Johnnie Fiori, Tameka Empson, Elizabeth Curtin, Ben Spybey, Faraaz Meghani, Shaun Parkes
Genre: Animation, Family
Country: UK
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: Consisting of 52-episode animated series, in the story sphere it’s draws from African folk parables, and in the graphic sphere from the painting style known as tingatinga (link to Wikipedia, a good place to start further searches for information) from which title was also taken.

The series has several permanent characters appearing in virtually every episode, one of which is the reason why it ended up in ourbase, which is of course the turtle. He is presented as a wise character, often advising others (most often the lion, who is, as typically, the king of animals) on various issues. Another constant motive is the fact that inattentive elephants (and sometimes other animals) often step on them.
In the fourth (Why Tortoise Has a Broken Shell) and nineteenth (Why Hare Hop ) episodes the theme of race between the tortoise and the hare is epxlored. Mentioned above fourth episode is also the most turtle-centric of all, explaining why he have a cracked shell.

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