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001 – City: Bristol
A large fountain, a turtle, is a relatively small element of it, it has a decorative function.
Source: Wikipedia

002 – City: Maidenhead
Designed by Thomas Waldo Story, a three-level medium-sized fountain. Turtle elements appear in the form of four turtles evenly spaced at the edge of the highest level of the fountain – through them (their mouths) the water flows down to the lower level.
Sources: Wikipedia, nationaltrust.org.uk

001 – City: Salzburg
In the Hellbrunn Palace and Water Gardens of Fun, there is an unusual turtle fountain, it consists of two turtles placed opposite each other, which (I think) squirt each other with water, or one squirt into the second one. Within the entire fountian, they constitute only a small, not very distinctive element.
Sources: tripadvisor.com, flickr.com, medievalrobots.org

002 – City: Vienna
As part of this fountain (from the photos it can be concluded, that it is probably already closed) we are dealing with a standard round pool (in the photos: filled with earth) with two sculptures on opposite ends of it. One of them is a turtle (it can be assumed that water was pouring out of its mouth) and two people are sitting on its back.
Sources: Wikimedia

003 – City: Vienna
A typical type of fountain, i.e. a pool with a sculpture in the center. This one shows a few figures (Tritons?) and a few smaller elements, mostly animals. One of these animals is the turtle, its mouth is one of the places from which the fountain squirt water.
Sources: Wikipedia

004 – City: Vienna
A large fountain, the most distinguishing element of which is a tall obelisk – and this one rests on the backs of four turtles, one at each corner.
Sources: schoenbrunn.at

001 – City: Sofia
In this fountain, turtles are visible only in the form of bas-reliefs – various animals (in pairs, facing each other) decorate the object in this way.

Czech Republic
001 – City: Olomouc
A very turtle fountain, in the main object itself (relatively small) we have three turtles, one larger and two smaller, all of them have other elements on their shells. In addition, there is also a turtle sculpture, at some distance from the fountain, technically not a part of the fountain, but due to its close proximity, we menion it here.
Sources: tourism.olomouc.eu, Wikipedia

002 – City: Praga
A smaller fountain, in the middle of the pool there is a pedestal with a sculpture of a boy, there is also a small turtle on the pedestal.
Sources: prazskekasny.cz, palacove-zahrady.cz

003 – City: Krnov
A fountain with a boy sitting/riding a turtle as the main element (we show photos of the fountain itself and some “from the renovation”).
Sources: bruntalsky.denik.cz, jakub-gajda.com, facebook.com

004 – City: Jeseník
A small fountain in the Priessnitz sanatorium, two small turtles (or rather their mouths) serve as the place for the water to flow out.
Sources: jesenickeprameny.cz

001 – City: Paris
A large fountain, in the center there are a lot of various sculptures, while the turtles are in the pool, arranged at equal intervals in a circle, the mouths from which the water flows out are directed towards the main sculptures, i.e. towards the center of the fountain.
Sources: Wikipedia

002 – City: Paris
A fountain with unusual shape, with various sculptures visible on its edges. The smaller ones, located between those with human figures, represent turtles.
Sources: Wikipedia

003 – City: Paris
Within this fountain we can see two symmetrically placed turtles, they are a small part of the entire structure.
Sources: Wikipedia

004 – City: Vendeuvre
In Château de Vendeuvre, we can see an unusual form of a fountain, that is, cascading water. On the shores, opposite to each other, there are turtles from whose mouths water squirts and goes to the “stream” flowing in cascades.
Sources: Wikipedia, eco-gites.eu

005 – City: Wersal
A huge fountain, part of the Palace of Versailles. Typically, we have a huge, circular pool with water, while in the middle there is a multi-level structure with many sculptures. The turtles themselves are in the pool, right next to the middle structure, there are a lot of them and (together with another animal) they form a quite tightly circle, pointing with their mouths (from which the water is flowing) outside.
Sources: latone.chateauversailles.fr, Wikipedia

006 – City: Annecy
Another fountain the main element of which is an obelisk, it is also supported by four turtles, one in each corner, at the base.
Sources: frenchmoments.eu, franciestoutamirephotography.com

001 – City: Girona
A small turtle fountain, the main element is a turtle (with a “tap” in its mouth) and a boy sitting on it.
Sources: Wikipedia

002 – City: Madrid
Medium-sized fountain with four turtles evenly spaced around the main part of the fountain. Typically, each turtle lets out water from its mouth.
Sources: Wikipedia

003 – City: Madrid
This fountain is part of the monument to Alfonso XII. It is, nomen omen, monumental, one of the lesser elements is a statue of a woman/mermaid, she sits on a turtle (from whose mouth the water flows), she also holds a lyre on her shoulder, part of which is made of a turtle shell (a mythological element, Hermes in this way (using a turtle shell) created the first lyre).
Sources: Wikipedia

004 – City: Madrid
A quite tall (especially considering the width of the construction) fountain in which one turtle is visible – it is one of the animals on the perimeter of the pool, as in many cases water flows from its mouth.
Sources: rutasconhistoria.es

005 – City: Barcelona
A small fountain, a turtle is a very important element of it, the basis for two boys riding on him.
Sources: poblesdecatalunya.cat

006 – City: San Ferdnando
A typical fountain with a circular pool around the perimeter of which four turtles are evenly spaced. One of the photos shows one of the turtle in devastated form – headless.
Sources: elmira.es, diariodecadiz.es

007 – City: Palma
A fountain in the form of an obelisk, it rest on four turtles.
Sources: tripadvisor.es

001 – City: Haga
“Flat” fountain, ie on ground level and without a pool. Turtles are its only decorative element, and there is a lot of them – five.
Sources: Wikimedia

001 – City: Ballinakill
The fountain in the Heywood gardens consists of a circular pool and a structure standing in the middle, while the turtles (eight!) are located on the edge of the pool, evenly spaced and directed with their mouths (from which water spouts) inward.
Sources: mamaniuni2.blogspot.com

001 – City: Luxembourg
The fountain located in the American (in the sense of the nationality of the burieds, not geographically) military cemetery, uses marine motifs, mainly dolphins, but there is also a place for one turtle, in the last of the rectangular, cascaded pools.
Sources: tripadvisor.com

001 – City: Fulda
Another fountain in which the turtle carries something on its back. A hole in its mouth suggests that it is also squirting water. There are also two children next to the turtle.
Sources: alamy.com

002 – City: Duisburg
An interesting fountain in which there are two turtles – they climb on the opposite sides of a small pool for water, as usual, water flows from their mouths.
Sources: golocal.de, heike-querbeet.blogspot.com

003 – City: Berlin
Neptune’s Fountain, one of its elements are sculptures of animals from whose mouths water squirts towards Neptune. In addition to the snake and the crocodile, there is also a turtle.
Sources: Wikipedia

004 – City: Bad Kissingen
The Turtle Fountain was designed by Ignatius Taschner. Its main and only important element is the boy sitting on the turtle. According to the sources, it is a copy of the fountain that was located in Poznań, Poland, but so far we have not found any other information about the original.
Sources: mainpost.de

005 – City: Berlin
A very large fountain in terms of its surface, in the middle there is a series of cascading pools with water, while on the shores, on the wall, on the elevations at regular intervals there are various sculptures of people, just below each of these sculptures there is also a smaller sculpture, a turtle. So there is a lot of them there.
Sources: Wikipedia

006 – City: München
The main element of the fountain is a turtle and a woman crouching on it. As a standard, water flows from the turtle’s mouth, but which is less typical, it squirts from its nostrils, not mouth.
Sources: muenchen.im-bild.org

007 – City: Berlin
“Flat” fountain, almost at ground level. The only decorative element is a small turtle.
Sources: berlinonbike.de

001 – City: Wrocław
A small fountain at the church of St. Augustine, built in the form of a semicircle coming out of the wall. At both ends of the wall there are small recesses in which there are turtles.
Sources: polska-org.pl

002 – City: Głubczyce
There is a fountain in the park, with ornaments-sculptures of various animals, one of them is a turtle (water flows from its mouth).
Sources: nto.pl, polskaniezwykla.pl

003 – City: Wejherowo
A fountain dedicated to Saint Francis, who is associated with animals. For this reason, it is decorated with many different animals (rather the “smaller ones”), including a turtle.
Sources: tubawejherowa.pl

004 – City: Bytom
The fountain located at the academic square, consists of a pool in the center of which there is one figure and five figures evenly spaced on the edge of the pool. They are directed with their faces/heads inwards and each shows a human (child) figure sitting on an animal – one of them is sitting on a turtle.
Sources: zachowajto.eu

005 – City: Warszawa, Wola
A small fountain (of the “drinking fountain” type) – it is a sculpture of a turtle on a ball, in its mouth it has a tube which should be supplied with water, but according to the news from Internet, for budgetary reasons, the water supply pipes are not connected to the fountain.
Sources: nazawszewarszawa.blogspot.com, przegladwolski.pl

006 – City: Warszawa
In the Swiss valley there is a fountain decorated with two sculptures, each with a boy with an animal. Obviously, since we mention it here, one of these sculptures shows a boy with a turtle – it became known all over Poland in not very cool circumstances, when some not very sensible person decided that she would damage it and boast about it online…
Sources: varsisava.pl

007 – City: Szczecin
A small fountain adjacent to the wall, the turtle appears on it only in the form of two decorative bas-reliefs (there are also two crabs in the same form, also animals associated with water).
Sources: przemekglowa.blogspot.com

008 – City: Gorzów Wielkopolski
An irregularly shaped fountain, in the middle of the pool there is a large structure with a main sculpture. Two turtles sit separately on their platforms in the pool and squirt water from their mouths.
Sources: Wikipedia, gorzow.pl

001 – City: Prešov
Neptune’s Fountain, very similar to the one described above, because in the center there is a structure with Neptune, and around there are four animals on separate platforms, one of them is a turtle squirting water from its mouth.
Sources: vypadni.sk, pis.sk

002 – City: Bratislava
A fountain with many decorative small sculptures. It has two levels of the pool, on the edge of the one located above with their heads inwards there are eight animals, four of them are turtles. Water squirts from their mouths. It can be seen in a movie, Peacemaker.
Sources: visitbratislava.com, vypadni.sk

001 – City: Kiev
The turtle is one of the elements of this fountain in the Kiev Zoo. On its ridge sits Buratino (simplifying, the Russian version of Pinocchio).
Sources: mapio.net

001 – City: Kecskemét
The fountain consists of a round pool in the center of which there is a sculpture of a girl sitting on a stone. Next to the aforementioned stone, one turtle is carved, while several more are on the normal stones lying in the pool, around the platform.
Sources: kozterkep.hu

002 – City: Dorog
A fountain with a rectangular pool, on its two corners, there are platforms with large sculptures of turtles.
Sources: kozterkep.hu

003 – City: Hajdúszoboszló
You might be tempted to say that it is more of a bathing beach or a swimming pool, but there are sculptures of turtles with water flowing from their mouths, so we consider it suitable for publication in the note about fountains. In addition to turtles, there are also sculptures of other animals.
Sources: Wikipedia

004 – City: Berekfürdő
Another fountain that is more swimming pool than fountain. But the water is supplied by four turtles on one of the banks, squirting water from their mouths, so we count it as a fountain.
Sources: kozterkep.hu

001 – City: Foligno
A small fountain, right next to it, definitely its part, we see three turtles. One, bigger one, separately, and two smaller ones, together, “hugged” to each other with plastrons (if they were dogs, they would probably be described as “playing with each other”).
Sources: archilovers.com, tripadvisor.com

002 – City: Bologna
A fountain with a large, round pool in the center of which there are sculptures of three turtles, facing each other.
Sources: minube.net, bolognawelcome.com

003 – City: Florence
A fountain whose main element is a figure sitting on a turtle.
Sources: Wikipedia

004 – City: Rome
The Fontana delle Tartarughe, judged by google search results, is perhaps the most popular turtle fountain in the world (it pops up first in many languages!). The turtles themselves are relatively small, they climb into the upper bowl and are supported by human figures carved below.
Sources: Wikipedia, anamericaninrome.com

005 – City: Cattolica
A typical fountain with a circular pool and a structure in the middle. The turtles (with water squirting from their mouths) are at the edge of the pool, evenly spaced and their heads are turned inward.
Sources: rete.comuni-italiani.it

006 – City: Contrada
A small fountain, the main element of which is a boy catching a turtle (water flows from turtle’s mouth).
Sources: norainitaly.blogspot.com

007 – City: Rome
Another fountain with a typical shape, a circular pool and a structure in the middle. Turtles (eight animals!) are on the edge of the pool, spaced at equal intervals, their heads inward, and of course water is squirting from their mouths.
Sources: gardendiy.ga, mapio.net

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