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001 – City: Sydney
A large fountain, rich in symbolism. What interests us are the six turtles in the pool, a minor element of the whole. But of course attractive for us, water spurting from theirs mouths, towards the main structure.
Source: wikipedia.org, cityartsydney.com.au

002 – City: Sydney
Known as the “Children’s Fountain”, the decorations include sculptures that show an overview of Australian fauna – including, of course, the turtle.
Source: wikipedia.org

001 – City: Kyoto
The Matsuno’o Taisha temple in the former capital of Japan is full of turtle symbolism. The photos show two different turtles being a source of water for the traditional worship ceremony, we also show another turtle, not entirely related to water, but it’s a pity not to mention him, since we’re writing about this place.
Source: nhapsari20.blogspot.com, discoverkyoto.com, goinggaijin.com

002 – City: Hakodate
As in the case above, in the Yukura temple, the water spring/fountain is turtles-shaped.
Source: japanbyjapan.com

003 – City: Tokio
A very original fountain, in a place that calls itself Caretta (like the sea turtle, Caretta caretta). This fountain has the shape of a huge turtle shell which protrudes from the level of the pavement – the head, feet and tail are not shown. The fountain is also distinguished by the fact that it does not spurt water as it usually happens, but it releases water in the form of a “mist”.
Source: chikatoku.enjoytokyo.jp

001 – City: Petersburg
A fountain whose central element is Triton with a fish. In the pool around, however, there are four evenly spaced turtles, each with its head pointing up and water squirting from its mouth, of course.
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

001 – City: Phuket
An interesting, multi-level fountain whose pools with water are in the shape of turtles!
Source: phuket.com

002 – City: Phuket
As part of this fountain, turtles are used in rather unusual way, because they have an openwork structure of the shell and there are visible stones inside. Of course, they squirt water from their mouths.
Source: tripadvisor.co.za, oyster.com

003 – City: Phuket
More like regular pool than fountain, but there is no shortage of gushing water facilities so let us mention. Turtles in this facility can be found in the form of their “queue”, there is a whole series of turtles, various species, located slightly above the water level, one after the other, as if they were just waiting in a line.
Source: withmandy.com

Tenerife (Spain)
001 – City: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
A fountain with a circular pool, in the middle there is a turtle and on his back is sitting some not fully defined bird (goose/crane?).
Source: wikipedia.org

001 – City: Dalyan
Not very large but very turtle fountain – sea turtles are its main element.
Source: linkntheknowtraveler.com

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