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001 – City: Tecun Uman
A large fountain, one of its decorative elements is a small turtle sculpture. In addition, turtles are painted on the inside walls of the fountain pool.
Source: prensalibre.com

001 – City: Hamilton (Ontario)
A large fountain with four turtles distributed evenly on the edge of the pool. Their mouths are directed inward and, as often happens, they squirt water from these mouths.
Source: flickr.com, cbc.ca

002 – City: Montreal (Quebec)
This fountain is distinguished by a rather unusual location of two turtles, because they look as if they stood in the water on their hind legs (as turtles often do in fairy tales, for example) or jumped out of this water. As standard, they squirt water from their mouths.
Source: veni-etiam-photography.com

003 – City: Brockville (Ontario)
The fountain build in memory of John H. Fulford consists of a circular pool in the center of which there is an octagonal platform with a second, higher pool of water. Each of the walls of this octagonal structure is decorated with a sculpture of a turtle, the water from their mouths naturally squirts to the round pool.
Source: heritagebrockville.ca

001 – City: Veracruz
A fountain entirely in marine climates, the main element of which are sculptures of sea turtles, entwining the upper part.
Source: wikipedia.org

002 – City: Mineral del Monte
A fountain whose pool is built on a square base, but with convex recesses in each of the walls. On top of the wall, at each of these recesses, there is a sculpture of a turtle.
Source: flickr.com, mapio.net

001 – City: Isla Colon
A fountain, the main decoration is a whole set of sea turtles, some of them squirts water from their mouths.
Source: tripadvisor.ie, tripadvisor.ca

001 – City: Birmingham,
“Storyteller’s Fountain” or “Cecil’s Fountain” (named after Cecil Johnson Roberts), adequately to the first mentioned name, among the animals whose sculptures decorate the fountain there is a pair consisting of The Tortoise and the Hare. In addition, the plaque with information to whom this fountain is dedicated is decorated with two turtles, sitting on both sides of the inscription.
Source: bhamwiki.com

001 – City: Augustine
A fountain with two pools, the main one at ground level and one on a raised center in the middle. Unusually, the higher pool is on the column, which means there is a lot of space under it, where there are four turtles squirting water from their mouths (they are accompanied by 12 frogs sitting at equal intervals on the wall of the lower pool, and of course they are also squirting water from their mouths).
Source: facebook.com

001 – City: West Baden Springs
A fountain with a large pool, in the middle there is another, much smaller one. There are six turtles inside the main pool, they face inward and squirt water from their mouths (which goes to the main pool).
Source: tripadvisor.com

001 – City: San Francisco
“Andrea’s Fountain”, the sea turtle is its important decorative element here.
Source: mermaidsofearth.com

002 – City: Irvine
A fountain without a distinctive pool, you can say it is “at ground level”. The only decorative element are three turtles squirting water from their mouths.
Source: oc.metblogs.com

003 – City: Pasadena
The fountain located in the hotel, the whole of its decorative structure is a turtle – it is distinguished by the fact that water squirts from the top of the turtle shell, and not from its mouth, as usually.
Source: tripadvisor.com

004 – City: Cathedral City
The fountain of life,there is lots of animals around it, including two large turtles. Water squirts from the top of shell of one of them.
Source: cathedralcity.gov

005 – City: Redding
Interesting mosaic fountain – the turtle appears in the form of a mosaic bas-relief and as small sculpture (also in a mosaic style).
Source: mosaicartsource.wordpress.com

006 – City: Pasadena
The element of this fountain is a turtle on whose back sits a frog squirting water from the raised mouth.
Source: langintro.com, publicartinla.com

007 – City: Santa Monica
“Drinking fountain”, but it is decorated with a turtle sculpture, so we cannot fail to mention it!
Source: smdp.com, flickr.com

South Carolina
001 – City (settlement unit): Murrells Inlet
In the center of the fountain there is a sculpture of a boy (cherubim?). Standing on a turtle with one foot. Typically, a turtle spouts water from its raised mouth.
Source: wikipedia.org, books.google.pl

North Carolina
001 – City: Asheville
A small fountain “recessed into the wall”, the only decorative element is a sculpture of a turtle, water flows from his mouth.
Source: gotmyreservations.com

001 – City: Boylston
Turtle fountain in the botanical garden – the pool has a rather complicated shape (similar to a rectangle) and there are two sculptures of turtles in it, standing opposite to each other and squirting water from their mouths.
Source: tripadvisor.com, rabbitseatquilts.blogspot.com

002 – City: Worcester
A small fountain whose main decorative element is a sculpture of a man holding a sea turtle.
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

003 – City: Flitchburg
A very turtle fountain! It consists of a round basin and a platform in the middle with a sculpture of two boys, and there is also a turtle “on the ground”. In the pool itself, evenly spaced approximately halfway between the center and the shore, there are three turtles squirting water from their mouths, and as if that were not enough, another turtle sculpture is located on the edge of the pool.
Source: royalstonartsfoundry.com

001 – City: Detroit
A very large fountain, in the pool there is a large number of sculptures of turtles (in pairs with frogs), of course, squirting water from their mouths.
Source: wikipedia.org

002 – City: Detroit
The Horace Rackham Fountain, also known as the Bear’s Fountain. The reason is obvious – the main element of it are two large bears located in the middle. At their feet there are several small animals, some are turtles.
Source: wikipedia.org, detroitzoo.org

003 – City: Chicago
Drinking fountain. With a large (especially compared to the whole) turtle sculpture.
Source: chicagoparkdistrict.com

001 – City: Minneapolis,
A fountain with a circular pool, in the center of which there is a platform and on a thin column, a second pool. Under this pool, around the column, there is a whole group of turtle sculptures, with their mouths pointing outwards, and of course, spouting water from them.
Source: wikipedia.org, medium.com, humanrightswarrior.com, tripadvisor.com

001 – Place: Las Vegas Lake
A small fountain with two sculptures of turtles, squirting water from their mouths.
Source: foursquare.com

New Hampshire
001 – City: Cornish
A fountain with a rectangular pool, on its shorter banks, two turtles squirting water from their mouths sit opposite each other.
Source: federaltwist.blogspot.com, hscl.cr.nps.gov, shadowsonstone.blogspot.com

New Jersey
001 – City: Shrewsbury
Fountain with a “flat” pool, at ground level. It is decorated with a few sculptures of animals on boulders, one of them is a turtle, of course, he spouts water from his mouth.
Source: thegroveatshrewsbury.com

New York
001 – City: Buffalo
The huge McKinley monument, the sculptures of turtles, of course, spouting water from their mouths, are a small element in relation to the whole.
Source: wikipedia.org

002 – City: Ithaca
A small fountain whose only decorative element is a small turtle, of course its mouth is used for squirting water. Source: theithacan.org

003 – City: Syracuse
The Columbus Fountain, the main/title character adorns the top of the pedestal. At the bottom of each side of the plinth there is a decorative shell-shaped water basin, each shell is “supported” by two turtles, so there are eight of them in total.
Source: syracusethenandnow.org

001 – City: Cincinnati
Tyler Davidson Fountain, on the wall surrounding the main pool, at equal intervals, there are four sculptures of boys integrating with various animals – one of them is sitting on a turtle. Interestingly, water squirts from the turtle’s mouth outside, not inside the pool.
Source: wikipedia.org

002 – City: Cleveland
A small fountain in the library, in the middle of a small pool there is a sculpture of a boy standing on a ball. He holds in each hand one turtle (by the tail/leg!). Under the ball on which he stands there are also turtles.
Source: mhpbooks.com

001 – City: Pittsburgh
A large fountain with a turtle being a small element. Of course, it sprouts water from its mouth.
Source: wikipedia.org, pittsburghparks.org

002 – City: Philadelphia
A large fountain in the pool of which there are sculptures of turtles and frogs placed alternately at equal intervals. They squirt water towards the center of the pool, where there are large sculptures of human figures.
Source: wikipedia.org, associationforpublicart.org, philart.net

003 – City: Philadelphia
A fountain (or a water reservoir?) decorated with an interesting sphere, resting on the backs of four turtles, very small in comparison to it.
Source: wikipedia.org

004 – City: Philadelphia
A fountain in which turtles appear in the form of almost bas-reliefs integrated into the slightly mosaic wall of the fountain.
Source: philart.net

001 – City: Seattle
A very simple fountain with a round pool on the edge of which, on both sides, there are small sculptures of turtles (and this is the only decorative element of the fountain).
Source: wikipedia.org

002 – City: Seattle
The fountain without a separate pool, consists of several sitting on stones frogs, squirting water, and three turtles, one is also on a stone platform, and two at ground level.
Source: activerain.com

001 – City: Williamsburg
A small fountain, there are several animals on the edge of its pool, including a turtle. The shell is directed “outward”, but the head is turned and stretched, so that the water that squirt from its mouth goes to the center of the pool.
Source: tripadvisor.com

001 – City: Chippewa Falls
The turtle fountain in the zoo, the turtle sculpture squirting water from its mouth is located on a stone-paved platform protruding from a rather large water reservoir.
Source: wisconsinhistoricalmarkers.com

001 – City: Washington
A large fountain in the botanical garden. The animals presented in the close-ups, according to various descriptions on the Internet (of course with an emphasis on “descriptions in places like the website of a botanical garden” and not random blogs) are turtles, although, in our opinion, not necessarily. But we present them here, leaving it to everyone to judge for themselves.
Source: usbg.gov

002 – City: Washington
Neptune’s Fountain, a small element of it are the sculptures of turtles in the basement. As is usually the case, they squirts water from their mouths.
Source: wikipedia.org

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