Adventure Time

Title: Adventure Time
Year: 2010-2018
English dubbing: John DiMaggio, Jeremy Shada, Tom Kenny, Hynden Walch, Niki Yang, Pendleton Ward, Dee Bradley Baker, Maria Bamford, Steve Little
Genre: Animation, Action, przygoda, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, SF
Country: Spain, Mexico, South Korea, USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: A very turtle series. In 283 episodes, turtle elements ale in 32 of them! The most important one is Turtle Princess, who works in the library and appears in many episodes (and in related comics). In addition, in the Ice King tales (where the genders of the characters are changed), Turtle Prince, the male counterpart, appears in several episodes. Other Turtle People are also shown in several episodes. There are also single appearances of other turtles characters, detailed list of all this is below:

S01E10 – Memories of Boom Boom Mountain – Turtle appears in an unusual form, one of the characters fighting in the episode uses it as a glove to mute down his blows.
S01E13 – City of Thieves – Double turtle appearance. Primo, there is the shell and bones of some huge, long-dead turtle inside which is the title city. In addition, in the city itself, the heroes meet a turtle-thief who steals a crystal, but he is also quickly robbed.
S01E15 – What is Life? – A small role of Turtle Princess – her debut.
S02E03 – Loyalty to the King – Turtle Princess is visible in many scenes.
S02E15 – The Real You – A small role of Turtle Princess.
S02E19 – Mystery Train – In the dictionary, the fourth definition of pancake is 4. Natasha’s tortoise shell cat.
S03E19 – Holly Jolly Secrets Part I – Turtle Princess is only mentioned in this episode by Ice King in his audio diary (tapes).

– Anyway, back to the Turtle Princess

– So there we are-Turtle Princess is frozen and in my little ice wheelbarrow and there was .. magic in the air. We were both feeling it … But before I can leave the library, Finn and Jake show up! You know how Jake is – stretch this, stretch that, bah! He knocks off my crown and then Finn bonks me on the nose! Still hurts too. The worst part is, Turtle Princess took away my library card!

T03E22 – Paper Pete – Minor role of Turtle Princess, other turtle people are also visible in the library.
S04E04 – Dream of Love – A small role of Turtle Princess.
S04E09 – Princess Monster Wife – A small role of Turtle Princess, but a piece of her can be seen through a large part of the episode (because the title monster wife is made from parts of all princesses).
T04E12 – Gotcha! – Turtle Princess have bigger role.
S05E05 – All the Little People – A small role of the Turtle Princess (in the form of a living toy figurine).
S05E11 – Bad Little Boy – A small role of Turtle Princess.
S05E18 – Princess Potluck – Turtle Princess have some role.
S05E37 – Box Prince – A turtle appears which box people use as a means of transport.
S05E41 – The Pit – A creature appears, that Finn initially takes for a stone and sits on it – it has quite turtle characteristics
S06E09 – The Prince Who Wanted Everything – A small role of Turtle Prince, you can see other, more turtle characters.
S06E12 – Ocarina – One of the people who have moved into the house of the main characters is turtle (with glasses).
S06E14 – Princess Day – A small role of Turtle Princess.
S06E20 – Jake The Brick – A small role of Turtle Princess.
S06E36 – Hoots – A small role of Turtle Princess.
S07E18 – President Porpoise is Missing! – Representative Sea Turtle, a representative-politician sea turtle, appears in a large number of scenes. You can even see it in a more realistic version on the board with the title of episode.
S07E19 – Blank-Eyed Girl – A small role of Turtle Princess.
S08E02 – Don’t Look – Little role of Turtle Princess, plus you can see other turtle people in the library.
S08E09 – Five Short Tables – A large role for Turtle Prince, plus a “reflective turtle” who is deliberately made to cry by saying that he will outlive everyone he loves.

– You will outlive everyone you love.

S08E11 – Daddy-Daughter Card Wars – Little Turtle Princess role, huge role of other turtle people.
S08E12 – Preboot – The Mechanical Hybrid Turtle appears, seen in two scenes.
S09E06 – Slime Central – A small role of Turtle Princess.
S09E09 – Skyhooks II – A small role of Turtle Princess.
S09E12 – Fionna and Cake and Fionna – A small role of Turtle Princess.
S10E03 – Son of Rap Bear – A small role of Turtle Princess.
S10E13 – Come Along With Me – A small role of Turtle Princess.

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