Świat według Kiepskich

Title: Świat według Kiepskich
Year: 1999-Ongoing
Actors: Andrzej Grabowski, Marzena Kipiel-Sztuka, Bartosz Żukowski, Barbara Mularczyk, Renata Pałys, Anna Ilczuk, Sławomir Szczęśniak, Beata Rakowska, Michał Grudziński, Stanisław Pączek, Andrzej Gałła, Lech Dyblik
Genre: Comedy
Country: Poland
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: We located turtle elements in two episodes of this series:
Episode 48 – Gigantus erektus – The main character opens a hotel for animals in his apartment. The first and only visitor is a huge turtle, which during the episode Paździoch recognizes as the Title Gigantus erectus, a rare turtle genre that lays eggs with unique properties – as the name suggests, they help with an erection. The turtle is seen in many scenes throughout most of the episode’s action.
Episode 380 – Glonojad – There are memories of turtle (named Pawełek) belonging to one of the characters, Paździoch. You can see him in several scenes, both alive and as a empty shell. It is also explained how he died – Paździoch’s wife killed him and made soup, out of jealousy.

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