South Park

Title: South Park
Year: 1997-ongoing
English dubbing: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Mona Marshall, April Stewart, Isaac Hayes
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: Sourh Park is a relatively turtle series, we found interesting elements in 17 episodes. The only recurring theme is the HBC station and their logo, the other turtles appearances or mentions are unique to each episodes. List:
S01E09 – Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo – The turtle is only mentioned in dialogue in this episode, the narrator mentions a turtle-like sun during a Christmas performance at school.

– How like a turtle, the sun looks.

S01E12 – Mecha-Streisand – The whole episode is filled with references to Kaiju movies: Godzilla, of course, Ultraman, but also Gamera. His “role” is played by Sidney Poitier, first in human form, and then grows into a gamera-like creature.
S02E03 – Chickenlover – Turtles are only mentioned in this episode in dialogue. The crew filming the Cops-style program, instead of recording the policeman dealing with the title case, states that they are going to lunch and then try to film the turtles by the pond.

Uh, we’re gonna go grab some lunch and maybe get some shots of those turtles down at the pond.

S02E09 – Chef’s Salty Chocolate Balls – The turtle only appears in this series as a mention in the dialogue. One of the Hollywood creators immediately thinks about rewriting the emerging story so it will be about a rabbit fighting crime or about a cute turtle.

– It could be a crime fighting rabbit, or a lovable turtle.

S03E02 – Spontaneous Combustion – Turtle appears in two forms in this episode. The first is a verbal reference – a Policeman Barbrady, seeing Cartman on the cross, recognizes that it is the letter T, and T means a Turtle. The second appearance is at the Nobel Prize giving, one of the nominees is a character who has a Galapagos turtle with seven buttocks.

T. T is for turtle.

And Alphonz Mephesto for his seven-assed Galapagos turtle. And the one at the Nobel Prizes.

S04E07 – Chef Goes Nanners – In this episode the turtle is only mentioned – during the debate about whether the South Park flag should be changed, one character says that all animals kill, except stupid ones like cows and turtles .

All animals kill And the animals that don’t kill are stupid ones, Like cows and turtles and stuff. So, people should not be so upset about killing.

S05E01 – It Hits the Fan – The turtle appears in this episode in the form of the HBC logo as well as the mascot associated with one of its programs, “Halo the turtle”. Of course, he is also mentioned verbally in the scene when gadgets with a logo and a plush toy with a turtle are given away.

– Which allows us to make great family programming, like “halo the turtle”.

But we can keep the “halo the turtle” dolls, right?

S06E05 – The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer – One of the characters, Ike, speaks very indistinctly, but what he says is “I’m a turtle bat”.

Hey, i’m a turtle bat.

S06E07 – The Simpsons Already Did It – Turtles are only mentioned in the dialogue, a hero who wants to buy a “sea-people” kit tells his friends how his sea-people will ride on turtles.

– And they ride around on turtles.

S06E15 – The Biggest Douche in the Universe – The HBC logo appears.
S07E08 – South Park is Gay! – The HBC logo appears.
S08E09- Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes – The turtle appears in the form of a rather poorly visible sticker, it is also in the dialogue, the person giving it clearly states that it is a turtle.

– Here. It’s a little turtle.

S15E02- Funnybot – The title Funnybot tells a joke about how Mexicans always complain about turtles in their vaginas (he tells jokes by adding essentially random elements together, which amuses people anyway).

Don’t you hate how– Mexicans always complain about– turtles n their vaginas?

S15E03- Royal Pudding – The turtle is only mentioned in this episode – one of the characters is compared in his on-stage efforts to the expelling turtle.

– You call rolling your fat ass out on the stage and lazily blurting out your lines like a turtle taking a shit. You call that trying?

S15E04- T.M.I. – Turtle only in dialogue, while measuring the penis of one of the school’s students, it is comparised to a hiding turtle.

– I can’t wait if your wiener is pullin ‘a scared turtle.

S19E10- PC Principal Final Justice – Turtle appears in the form of a verbal mention, a reference to Blade Runner test for humanity. In an appropriately South Park style, of course.

– An African-American flips a turtle over on its back. A transgender Filipino comes and sees the helpless turtle baking in the sun. What color is the Filipino’s father?

S21E07- Doubling Down – One of the characters, an advisor to the US president, when asked for his opinion, states that he does not know anything, he is only a turtle.

– I don’t know anything, I’m just a turtle.

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