Married with Children

Title: Married with Children
Year: 1987–1997)
Actors: Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal, Amanda Bearse, David Faustino, Christina Applegate, Ted McGinley
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: In the “Married with Childre” turtles appear in six episodes, listed below.

The first mention we write about is in At the Zoo (season 4, episode 10). These are two longer pieces, the first is a dialogue between the main character, Al, and his neighbor (also a permanent character) Steve. The second appearance takes place at the very end, Al sees on the TV an announcer saying that someone has broken into the zoo and kidnapped the turtle, releasing it.

– No, I mean Bosco, the rare Caribbean Pigmy Sea Turtle at the Aquarium. He looked really despondent today.
– Was he selling shoes to the other turtles?
– No. They had him in an itty bitty tank. He must weigh two hundred pounds. He was as out of place in that tank as you would be in a library. Like a trooper, he kept his beak up, but I could tell he was just a shell of a turtle.
– You should have seen them, Al. Both of their little noses pressed up against the glass. You could barely tell them apart.
– No, the turtle is the one with the job.

– And to close, we have a story about a true moron. Tonight, an unemployed househusband and self-described man of nature, thinking that the last Caribbean Pigmy Sea Turtle born in captivity was unhappy, broke into the Zoo Aquarium, stole the turtle and released it into Lake Michigan. Apparently, this “man of nature” didn’t know it was a salt-water turtle. Witnesses report Bosco tried valiantly to crawl back out of the water only to be thrown back in by this deranged, unemployed man, standing on the bank singing “Born Free”. Bosco will be missed.

In The Unnatural (season 5, episode 4), Marcy, one of the main characters, tells Al that for what happened, it was worth dressing up like Ninja Turtle – this refers to the characteristic outfit of the Catcher (see the screenshot below).

I know it was little, compared to the big out God called on you, but still, it was worth dressing up like a Ninja Turtle.

In Oldies But Young ‘Uns (season 5, episode 17), we have another reference to the Ninja Turtles, Kelly asks teasingly Bud if he shouldn’t be in his room and train kissing on his stuffed ninja turtle mascot, saying “Oh Donatello, your shell is so soft.”

Shouldn’t you be upstairs practicing your French kissing on your stuffed Ninja Turtle doll? Saying “Oh, Donatello, your shell is so soft.”

In Death of a Shoe Salesman (season 7, episode 10), another reference to the ninja turtles takes place. The heroes visit the funeral home, the seller shows the coffin, the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” model (appropriate screen below).

This is our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle coffin.

In Al Goes Deep (season 8, episode 25) the name of the sports team with turtles in the name appears twice – “Sonora Screaming Desert Tortoises”.

We’re playing our traditional rival, the Sonora Screaming Desert Tortoises.

The Tremaine jacksons 56. The Sonora Screaming Desert Tortoises 3.

A big and sad reference is made in dialogue in Children of the Corns (season 11, episode 2). Bud finds a frozen baby turtle in the freezer, which Kelly recognizes as her turtle, Timmy. It turns out that her mother told her that he ended up on a farm where he had more space to play.

– I found something way here in the back. It’s a little turtle.
– Timmy Turtle? You said he went to go live on a farm where he had more room to romp and play.
– Well, honey, actually, Timmy Turtle had a terrible disease and we decided to freeze him until we could find a cure.
– He has no head, Mom.
– Well, that was his disease.
– Well, do they have a cure for that yet?
– Well, when they find a cure for that, you’ll be the first to know.
– See you soon, Timmy.
– Oh, look, here’s a meatball.
– Oh, put that in. Come on.
– Oh, my God. That meatball has eyes.
– Timmy!
– Well, that was fun.
– Yeah.
– I wonder what a bigger head would do.
– That’s your father. Quick, hide the microwave. If he smells turtle brains, he’s gonna want dinner.

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