World of Warcraft

Title: World of Warcraft
Year: 2004
Producer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms: PC

Why in Database: To say that World of Warcraft is a game with a lot of turtle content is an understatement. Because the game is huuuuuge, the amount of turtle content is also quite big. We describe it very closely, but it is definitely not a “we will describe everything!” type of note, it would be very difficult.

First of all, the largest turtle in the game, referring to the concept of World Turtle Shen-zin Su! It is also known as the “Wandering Isle” and as such is the starting place for the Pandaren race, added in the expansion “World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria”.

Another named turtle chosed by us to describe is Ghamoo-Ra, a huge turtle boss, we can meet him in the Pool of Ask’ar, in the Blackfathom Deeps location. Some (e.g. WOWpedia) consider his name to be a reference to Gamera!

The last turtle we decided to describe separately is Torga, one of the loa (deities) of the Zandalari pantheon. His story is important in the game, he is killed and eaten, but thanks to the player’s efforts he returns, first as a ghost, then again in physical form and is accompanied by Lashk.

Speaking of Lashk, the entire Tortollan race is definitely a turtle race! They originally debuted in the card game Hearthstone, an expansion to WOW, and later they joined the main game. They come from Zandalar. One of the texts during the “Don’t Turtle” mission mentions that killing a member of this race brings bad luck (“But, it’s bad luck to kill a Tortollan and I don’t need any more bad luck.”). The game also includes locations such as Little Tortolla, where you can meet many Tortollan.

The game features boats built on the shells of real turtles, they have several different names and appear in different places, but they use one design.

Several turtle skeletons also appear in the game:

There are a HUGE number of enemies or simply turtle-looking animals in the game. They have different names,statistics, loot and appears in different places, but generally they come in a small number of skins/models that are simply recolored. We do not discuss them all in detail or even show them all, but each picture is properly labeled, which will allow you to find more information about individual turtles.

The first turtle pattern we describe are small turtles, very realistic if compared to others:

Small turtles also come in the following version:

Another design is a turtle with two fangs protruding from its lower jaw and a tall, spiny shell.

The next pattern also has a quite spiky shell, but it is easiest to distinguish it by the spikes on the edge of it.

The next model is easiest to describe as crystalline – crystals protrude from the turtle’s shell and front legs. The first three photos are showing Tortos, the boss, the next ones are of various other turtles:

The next model also has a characteristic, layered shell, and can also be recognized by its horns.

The next one also has horns, it also has spines on the edge of the shell, otherwise the shell is quite normal:

The sea turtle model is very realistic:

A whole separate category of turtles are animals that we can use as mounts in the game!
One of such turtles is the Dragon Turtle, it comes in six colors, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Purple and Red:

Great Dragon Turtle also is available in six color versions, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Purple and Red:

Other mounts include The Sea Turtle, Arcadian War Turtle and The Riding Turtle, which can only be obtained through a TCG card (by hitting or buying from someone a card with a code).

All the above mounts are available for both factions in the game, the following Vicious War Turtle is the only one that has a separate and unique skin for the horde and a separate one for the alliance.

The last graphical element we will discuss are various pieces of equipment!
We can collect, for example, various pieces of turtle shells:
Extinct Turtle Shell, Fire Turtle Shell Fragment, Gleaming Turtle Shell
Soft Turtle Shell, Hardened Tortoise Shell, Turtle Shell

The game also includes many different nutritional products made from turtles, from literal turtle meat, through broths, soups, etc.:
– Braised Turtle, – Tender Baked Turtle, – Foaming Turtle Broth
– Great Turtle Soup, – Fried Turtle Bits, – Giant Turtle Tongue
– Turtle Meat, – Raw Turtle Meat, – Great Turtle Meat
– Tender Turtle Meat, – Turtle Meat Scraps, – Tortoise Jerky
– Herbed Turtle Meat, – Tortoise Flank, – Sack of Raw Turtle Meat

Other items include various items with a turtle name that you can come across:
Amulet of the Primal Turtle, Giant Turtle Collar
Tome of Polymorph: Turtle, The Turtle-Digested Key
The Drums of the Turtle God, Terrapin Oils
The Hematite Tortoise Pendant, Band of the Great Tortoise

The game also includes a set of five items made from Turtle Scale – Breastplate, Bracers, Leggings, Helm and Gloves. On the left there are icons of these items, below are screenshots of what they look like in the game when we equip our character with them.

The above set is not the only turtle equipment in the game, we also found six other items with a turtle name!
Twilight Turtleskin Leggings, Dragon Turtle Handlers
Cloak of the Hardened Tortoise, Tortoise Armor
Worn Turtle Shell Shield, Turtle-Minders Robe

The last turtle visual element we want to discuss is an Easter egg, a reference to Ninja Turtles! In the sewers under the city of Dalaran you can see five animals, a rat and four turtles, there are also some broken greenish vials with slime nearby, etc., the whole thing has definitely a TMNT vibe.

Finally, we will mention that turtles also appear in the names of achievements and quests.

There are achievements such as “Turtles All the Way Down”, referring to the concept of with sthe same name or “Triumphant Turtle Tossing”, there are also quests such as “I Like Turtles”, “A Turtle’s Invitation”, “Children of a Turtle God”, “Turtle Powered” (another reference to TMNT!), “Turtle Tactics” , “Don’t Turtle” or “Tortoise Mastery”.

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