Title: Tibia
Year: 1997
Producer: CipSoft
Publisher: CipSoft
Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Why in Database: Like many other Fantasy-based MMORPGs, Tibia also has some turtle content – although only since the eighth year of its existence!

The first element we will mention is Turtle Sprouter – a plant with a turtle name, it can be spotted in the Tiquanda jungle, it was added in update 7.5 (2005), so it has probably been present in the game since then.

Tortoise and Thornback Tortoise are the first turtle creatures to be introduced to the game, in 2006 with update 7.6, which added pirates and a set of associated islands (Caribbean style). These turtles can be found on some of these islands. The loot that can drop from both of them includes Tortoise Egg: and Turtle Shell: , and only from Tortoise we have a chance to get Tortoise Shield: .

Other turtle elements also appeared in this update, a large turtle served as a means of fast transport (by entering it, we were teleported to another island, it should not be confused with the “mounts” added much later). In update 8.60, in 2010, the “Quick as a Turtle” achievement was added, earned by using this turtle to travel 2,000 times.

Other turtle items include, for example, Tortoise’s Nest, there is also the “Tortoise Egg from Nargor” item, but it looks identical to the regular tortoise egg, only the description reveals the difference.

Moreover, in the basement of Liberty Bay, you can meet four turtles and a rat in an inaccessible room, and there are also various weapons lying around – an obvious Easter egg and a reference to Ninja Turtles.

Update 8.61 (2010) introduced a new monster that appears only during a specific event (Rise of Devovorga). Chikhaton: is basically a recolored Thornback Tortoise.

In update 10.94, in 2016, new mounts were added – includingt hree turtles! All of them can be obtained by purchasing them in the store.
Mould Shell: Reed Lurker: and Swamp Snapper:

Update 12.20.8834 (2019) added two turtle items – Small Tortoise (needed for the quest) and Small Petrified Tortoise.

More turtles were added during update 12.90.12182 (2022)! Two regular:
Emerald Tortoise: from which you can dropEmerald Tortoise Shell and Two-Headed Turtle from which you can drop Two-Headed Turtle Heads .
One turtle boss has also been added, The Primal Menace: .
This update also added some turtle items: Turtle Amulet and Enchanted Turtle Amulet .

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