Tales from the Darkside

Title: Tales from the Darkside
Year: 1983-1988
Narrator (this is an anthology series, with no regular actors): Paul Sparer
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: We found turtle elements in two episodes of this series. In the eighteenth episode of the second season (The Old Soft Shoe) there is a turtle belonging to the motel owner, he keeps him in a small aquarium, there is a candle on the back of the animal. From the dialogue we learn that his name is Prometheus. In the tenth episode of the third season (Deliver Us from Goodness) the turtles only appear in the dialogue, when mom tells her daughter she looks nice, she states that she looks like a turtle. So when the mother introduces her moments later, she call her a turtle.

– That’s a… Interesting turtle you got there.
– His, uh, name is Prometheus. It’s, uh, kind of a memorial to my father. He liked turtles. You like turtles? – Yeah, sure. Everybody likes turtle, don’t they?
– Dad sure did.

– You look pretty, baby shucks.
– I look like a turtle.
– Mr. Tabbitt, this is our lovely turtle, Charlotte Rose.

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